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Sleep test may help diagnose and predict dementia in older adults

Dementia is a growing problem for people as they age, but it often goes undiagnosed. Now investigators at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have discovered and validated a marker of dementia that may help clinicians identify patients who have the condition or are at risk of developing it. The… Read More »

What depression do i have test

To aid in your search please consider our directory of emergency mental health resources. Sometimes it can be difficult to get sufferers to seek help. I never expected to get help or to even get better. Watch for a desire to withdraw or isolate from friends and family. What is Stress There are many different… Read More »

When to test for allergies

More than just a sensitivity, it’s a hypersensivity, an over-reaction to a substance. Skin symptoms include hives, tingling, itching, and redness. You don’t need any special preparations for a food allergy test. The device, which is called an auto-injector, delivers a dose of epinephrine, a medicine that slows down the allergic reaction. Most allergy tests… Read More »