Our Generation Is Less Healthy Than Our Predecessors

By | October 2, 2018

Health trends over the decades can be puzzling when analyzed. It seems to be conflicting, developments make it difficult to understand where the future generations are striving in terms of overall health. With greater access to healthcare and new technology to fight crippling diseases in the past, it may seem that there is hope for the future; however lifestyles that are detrimental to health can cause a negative effect over time.

In terms of health risk, the current and future generations are much more susceptible to dangerous acute and chronic diseases in comparison to the past. For example, a recent study deduced that obesity is most common in people at the age of 40 while in the past this age was 55. Being over a decade ahead to develop obesity can result in developing a number of dangerous conditions and diseases. Lifestyle is the main cause of poor health in current generations. Poor dietary habits and the increased consumption of convenience foods and junk food in fast food joints play a major role in developing obesity.

Additionally, with the prevalence of technology and use of electronic devices to accomplish an overwhelming majority of day to day tasks, most people have accommodated a sedentary lifestyle which is damaging to the long term health of the heart and circulatory system. While genetics can play a major role in developing the diseases that were concluded to have increased in present generations, the findings suggest that the increase is primarily due to poor lifestyle although the genetic component is still present.

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One more negative aspect of the latest health trends is the easier accessibility to unhealthy chemicals including drugs. There is a greater exposure as well as accessibility even to children compared to the past.

The greater threat of things like cyber-bullying can also affect the new generations psychologically, which can eventually take its toll on a physical level.

On a positive note, increased awareness and media coverage of harmful substances like cigarette smoking has resulted in the reduced consumption of the drug in certain (primarily developed) countries. This suggests that future data may expect a decline in smoking related deaths such as lung cancer however other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease may be on the rise.

In conclusion, while there appears to be a decline in health of future generations, a greater emphasis on an active lifestyle can dramatically improve the overall health of the future generations.

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