How Does Lesbian Sex Work 2020 – Tips, Preparation & Healthy

By | September 15, 2020

More and more women are starting to come out in the closet. Still, not much is known about tier sexual activities, and people are wondering, “How does lesbian sex work?”

This article explores how two lesbians have sex,, as well as exploiting the different myths about lesbians and debunking them.

What is a lesbian sex

To answer that question, we must understand what a lesbian is in the first place. A lesbian is a homosexual woman. In other words, a lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted to other women.

Lesbian sex is the act of two lesbian women engaging in sexual intercourse. Women who have sex with another woman may identify as a lesbian if she is only attracted to a woman or a bisexual if she swings both ways.

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Sex definition

According to the oxford dictionary, sex is the act of physical contact between individuals to provide sexual stimulation and to copulate with one another.

Note that the definition of sex here does not indicate the gender of the individuals. This implies that the act of sexual intercourse can be between a man and a woman, a man with a man, a woman with a woman.

When it comes to sex, gender does not matter. It’s the sexual stimulation between two or more people of the same or different genders.

Debunking myths about lesbian sex

People are now more open with their sexuality, and a lot more of us are now more tolerant about people’s sexual preferences and orientations.

However, a lot of things considering lesbian sex are still in the dark and there are a lot of fantasies, myths, and misconceptions about how two females have sexual intercourse with one another. This makes people wonder, “How does lesbian sex work?”

Here are some top 3 myths about lesbian sex that we are about to debunk:

Lesbian sex only involves licking and scissoring

Understandably, a lot of people think this way. Oral sex is one of the most popular ways that lesbians pleasure one another, and in some cases, it can even be better than an actual penis if the one performing oral sex is skilled enough.

Scissoring is also understandable since it’s one of the more “vanilla” ways that lesbians will have sex. It’s mostly because this is how lesbians in media are portrayed to have sex, and its very effective amateur position to try out for first-time lesbians as well.

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However, Lesbians have sex all of the time, and their techniques aren’t just limited to these two activities. Just like with regular intercourse, people have come up with unique and exciting ways for two women to have sex with one another.

Don’t underestimate human creativity and ingenuity because we can be very kinky if we put our minds to it!

Someone has to act like a man during sex

This is another myth that a lot of men fantasize when they imagine two lesbians doing it. Although some lesbians indeed use “rubber cocks” when they have sex, it’s not true for everyone else!

Both lesbians can still both act like girls during sex without having to take up the role of the “man” or use sex toys like dildos and vibrators to serve as a replacement for the penis.

Lesbians prefer to snuggle in bed

This is probably one of the cutest and most wholesome myths on this list. And although it is very heartwarming to know that some straight people think of this, it isn’t 100% true.

Many people are very sexually active, and the same goes for lesbians as well. Everyone is different which means that they have various sex drives as well.

This means that some lesbians will be more eager to engage in sexual intercourse when on their bed, while some would prefer to snuggle. It’s not a case with lesbians but with people’s varying libido.

How to prepare

How to prepare

If it’s your first time doing it with a woman, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does lesbian sex work?”

You’ll be pleased to know that sex between women isn’t all that different. It all starts with foreplay and proper communication between two partners.

Everyone is different, which means that if it’s your first time doing it with your partner, you’ll have to understand what works for them and what doesn’t.

This is why we encourage new lesbian couples to start with foreplay and experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Some people may not like oral stimulation and prefer the rough friction of the hand.

The most important step is getting to know your partner and you. They’re just as nervous as well, so try to take things slowly and figure out the best techniques that work for both of you.

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Type of lesbian sex

Just like with the vanilla couples, Its natural for lesbians to have sex all of the time. As stated before, many people believe that lesbian sex positions are limited, but they are 100% wrong on this one.

If you’re curious or are planning to have good sex with your female partner, then you might want to read up further because we’ll be exploring the most popular, easiest to do sex positions for beginners.


Scissoring is probably one of the most, if not the most popular lesbian sex position known to a lot of people. We have all the lesbian porn to thank for that, and although it looks good on camera, its not the only lesbian sex position available.

We don’t blame porn for its popularity, though, since it is a very effective and intimate position to use. Women can both feel pleasure and pleasure their partner at the same time with this position.

As the name implies, scissoring is done by spreading both you and your partner’s legs in the opposite direction, similar to how two scissors would intersect at their pivot, with the axis being the vagina for both women. 

Sixty Nine

Another popular lesbian position is the sixty-nine or “69”. The sex position is one of the easiest to do, and it is highly recommended for beginners.

Although it might not be the best option for you if you aren’t too keen about oral sex.

If you don’t know how to do the “69”, just look at the numbers 6 and 9. Now imagine the circles as the head of the women, and you’ll have a pretty good idea on how it goes.

Using A strap-on

Two females having sex would have more uses for sex toys compared to a regular man and woman couple. A strap on is the perfect substitute penis, and it can pleasure both partners at once.

One partner can enjoy the feeling of penetration, and the one using a strap on can also get pleasured thanks to the friction as well. 

Although not technically a strap on, a double-sided dildo can work wonders if you and your partner love being penetrated. 

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The Chair

The chair is also another oral sex position that is rather easy to do. Women who love to please their partner will like this position.

Essentially the chair is simply having your partner sit on your face. You will then proceed to finger and lick your partner’s sexual organ, giving them great pleasure.

What’s really amazing about this position is that you can see your partner’s face as well and enjoy that ecstatic look that they show when they are approaching orgasm. 


If you and your partner are the types who love intimate sex, then you’ll love the spoon. Spooning is mostly a position where both partners position themselves like two stacked spoons, similar to that of the cuddling position.

This position leaves a lot of room for intimate and sexual movements like petting, fingering, caressing, and even kissing. You can also spice things up by using sex toys like vibrators, strap ons, and even lubricants.

Safer sex tips


Lesbian sex is that different from the regular vanilla sex; although there is no penis involved, both parties are still at risk of potential infections, HIV, and even lice.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, its best to practice safe sex. We advice lesbian couples to:

  • Test themselves for HIV
  • Use a dental dam during sex.
  • Wash sex toys in between uses
  • Try to be monogamous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do a lot of people not know about how lesbians have sex?

Not everyone is a lesbian or a woman, so it’s natural for people not to know anything they haven’t experienced themselves.

Is lesbian sex safer than regular sex?

No. Both types of sex carry risks of HIV and other ailments. It’s best to practice safe sex no matter who you do it with.

Do lesbians hate men?

No. Everyone is different; some lesbians are bisexual and prefer doing it with both men and women.

Is lesbian sex-limited?

No. People are very creative and innovative. We’ve found ways for two females to engage in sexual intercourse and enjoy it just as much as normal sex.