Advantages of Using a Knee Walker

By | September 28, 2018

Foot and leg injuries can be extremely painful and they could cause somebody to be restricted, specifically in their freedom to get from 1 destination to another. Many times it takes many weeks or maybe more for the injury to heal. Therefore, the doctor may recommend an alternate mode to get around. Just about the most common recommendation is employing crutches to help support the person’s weight.

Though crutches have been used as a traditional opportunity for protecting and help in healing the injured leg or foot, there exists an alternative choice that’s increasingly becoming preferred among those who have discovered the knee scooter’s unique design and its particular benefits. Comparing the knee scooter to crutches, the individual will find that there are several distinct advantages over crutches and they include the following.

Easy to Move Around and Keep Your Balance

Sometimes when the person utilizes a pair of crutches to get around from one location to another, they will struggle with their actions. While attempting to keep the leg elevated to a certain height to guarantee the injured foot will not hit the floor, most people have a very difficult time balancing their weight and controlling how they move. The truth is, those who have had crutches for an extended stretch of time will complain about how tired their shoulders, arms and hands become. The person also needs to learn how to coordinate all their movements correctly or they are often prone to falling. 

Able to Do Other Things While Using the Knee Caddy

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Additionally, one of the top concerns is the actual way it inhibits the person’s ability to function, specifically while hunched over and gripping the crutches tightly. While many physicians have recommended crutches for years as a traditional way of making your way around, the healthcare industry is also starting to recognize some great benefits of using a knee walker as a viable alternative. 

Superior Design to Carry the Injured Foot

Since the knee walker has been shown to the medical profession as an alternative method for you can get around, it is important for patients to review the pros and cons of both. For individuals who need to know exactly what a knee walker is and how they work, you should look at the following information. A knee walker is a unique mobility scooter because it has been made with freedom of movement, in mind. The manufacturers are making it for leg and foot injuries because it aids in supporting the injured areas in a non-weight bearing manner on a padded rest. Which means, the design promotes proper elevation while preventing the foot from being re-injured. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed on four wheels to reduce the balancing required. To propel yourself around the person just pushes with the good leg like when riding a skateboard. You may move as slow or fast as you prefer and each model includes a set of hand brakes.

Easy To Handle

Another great benefit to using a knee walker is the patient won’t require a large amount of upper torso strength to move the device since it is your good leg that propels it. Also the person can conduct their activities naturally and in an upright position. Most people like the the knee walker because their hands are free to use for other activities, it cuts down on the possibilities of atrophy in the affected muscles and reduces lumbar pain. Some models have a basket which enables you to easily carry small items.

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After a patient has had surgery, one of the primary items that the physician recommends is maintaining your foot elevated and also keeping the weight off of it so that it can heal properly. Therefore, for individuals that enjoy their mobility, the knee caddy will offer the best benefits.

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