The causes of social phobia

By | August 21, 2018

Social phobia has become one serious disease causing thousands death. However, the causes of social phobia is so complicated that it is awfully difficult to prevent and cure it. The following reasons are viewed as important causes leading to the main social phobia in most patients. A clear understanding of it may be of great help for the prevention of the social phobia.

1. Biological reasons. In 2000, a seminar about social phobia was held in Shanghai. One speaker, in America said that why the social phobia formed is that one chemical material in human body called “5 – hydroxytryptamine” disorder . This substance is responsible for passing information to the brain cells. Too much or too little of this substance can cause people’s fears.

2. Psychological reasons. People who suffer from social phobia generally have a strong self-esteem, fear of being rejected by others, or having no confidence in their appearance
3.Family reasons. The personality of some patients’ has been suppressed ever since the childhood, or the parents did not teach them social skills, or too frequent family relocation has lead them to frequently touch with strangers.

4. Social causes. The patents may live in tough social context or have met many setbacks when they get along with others.

5.Ways of thinking. Character is actually an external manifestation of a man’s own way of thinking. The incorrect way of thinking created a social phobia. For example, when a excessive perfectionist, when shocked by something, may come up with excessive self-reflection. In face each social phobia patient should have a full understanding of themselves.

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6 Character reasons. The patients are afraid of making mistakes when get along with others. Also, they may be afraid that others may detect their disadvantages. Such being the case, they may try to escape from the society.

The above reasons have not covered all the reasons, but an efficient way of eliminating them may cure this problem. 

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