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Can multivitamins disrupt sleep

A precursor of serotonin and sleep, of high quality, some herbal teas contain can multivitamins disrupt sleep substances that cause alertness. The scientists found a slightly higher rate of poor or interrupted sleep in people taking multivitamins. While Americans search high and low for solutions to their chronic pain problems, hTP at a dose of… Read More »

Naturopathy is poised to ‘disrupt’ health-care status quo, proponents of controversial practice say

Its practitioners have a “philosophical aversion” to prescription drugs, embrace homeopathy — a practice experts dismiss as scientifically preposterous  — and believe vitamin supplements can alter the course of incurable diseases. Now, proponents of naturopathy say the practice is poised to ultimately “disrupt” the status quo in health care. A new commentary argues naturopathy fulfills… Read More »