Curing Premature Ejaculation With Some Mind Control

By | October 19, 2018

Premature ejaculation is more common than most men would like to admit, and it is one of the main reasons why they fail to enjoy their sexual life. If you can’t last for more than a few minutes or even reach your climax before starting intercourse, the least you should do is worrying too much. As common as it is, there are plenty of exercises and ways to fix premature ejaculation, and there are plenty of solutions for each possible reason.

First off, it is essential to understand why you are experiencing premature ejaculation. Evaluate yourself. Is it because you have too much stress on your mind? Is it because it happened before and you can’t stop thinking about it? Maybe because you don’t have much sexual experience and it all feels too exciting and new for you… it depends on each case.

However, in most cases, we can benefit from a mind control technique I like to call “staying on the edge”. To explain this, it is important to understand that male’s orgasm behaves similarly to when you’re escalating a mountain. Reaching the top means reaching your climax, ejaculating and losing your erection. However, in this climbing up there’s a “point of no return,” in which ejaculation is not already there, but it is inevitable. You’ve experienced it, and there’s no way back.

This mental exercise requires you to reach as close to that point as possible, and hold it there for as long as you can. You can do this helping yourself with breathing techniques, relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, and performing Kegel exercises. Practicing this “on the edge” exercise only requires masturbating or using a Flashlight with a clear purpose beyond gratification: you’re practicing your self-control.

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This practice is also called as edging, and it might be the way to prevent premature ejaculation, especially if the reason is premature and uncontrolled sexual arousal. While you’re doing this, keep in mind that ejaculation happens when your sympathetic nervous system is activated, and it is also activated when you’re stressed, tense, and worried. So, stop worrying about your sexual performance. Stop worrying about everything else beyond your sexual experience. Leave all problems behind and enjoy, relax your muscles, breathe and focus on your whole body, not only on your genital area.

Another useful tip you can apply right now is to identify when you’re near that “point of no return”, and when you do that, stop focusing your attention on your partner’s sex. Rub her back while thinking about something else. Move the tip of your tongue all around your palate and focus on other sensations for a little while. You might even want to switch positions if you feel none of this is working. But whatever you do, don’t lose confidence in yourself, and avoid that vicious cycle of sexual anxiety that would make you ejaculate sooner every single time.

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