6 Steps to Promote Prostate Vitality

By | August 19, 2018

Every man should make it a point to watch over his prostate health. The prostate functions as a muscle and as an important part of the male reproductive system. While prostate-related problems occur more commonly in men over age 60, it goes without saying that as early as possible, men should follow proper lifestyle habits that will promote prostate vitality.
While there are medications to help address prostate problems, prevention is always the best route to take. Below are some steps that will promote your prostate health:

1.  Optimize your vitamin D levels – Safe sun exposure is the best way to synthesize vitamin D production in your skin. Ideally, your serum levels of vitamin D should be around 50 to 70 ng/ml. If you live in a location with limited sunlight, you can optimize your levels by using a safe tanning bed with electronic ballasts. This kind of tanning bed reduces your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
Vitamin D supplementation is another option. However, you need to have your levels checked first through the 25(OH)D test, which is the correct vitamin D test to take. You need your levels measured because unlike in sun exposure, toxicity is possible with supplementation.

2.  Eat a proper diet – A diet filled with processed foods is a sure path to disease. Consume more organic whole foods, which is what you are intended to consume. Ideal foods for prostate health include those rich in carotenoids and lycopene, such as tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, green tea, and vitamin E foods. Some experts say that combining lycopene-foods with saw palmetto can induce a positive effect.

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The way you prepare your food is also equally important. Avoid cooking foods at high temperatures, especially meat. This kind of cooking method produces dangerous chemicals in food.

3.  Exercise to relax your muscles – Chronic muscle tension can negatively impact your prostate health. You can avoid this by regularly working out, which can also promote positive mood. Create a comprehensive exercise program that includes not only cardio but also weight training, core exercises, high-intensity interval exercises, and stretching.

4.  Assist your lymphatic system – Your lymphatic system’s role is to eliminate toxins from your body, and this contributes to your prostate health. You can support its detoxification function by exercising and drinking lots of pure water.

5.  Address any emotional problem – Your emotional health greatly influences your physical health. If any emotional or psychological issue is not addressed, you become more prone to infection. Poor emotional health can also impair your immune function. Always have a way to release stress – it can be as simple as physical activity or sports, writing, or listening to music.

6.  Have a prostate evaluation – Whether or not you feel that you have a prostate problem, having an evaluation will help you determine where you stand. Physical examination remains the best way to check your prostate health.

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