4 Steps To Beating Alcohol Addiction

By | February 21, 2019

The four steps to beating alcoholism are admitting you have a problem, going to a 12-step meeting, deciding to stop drinking, and eventually remaining sober for a long time. Drinking is hazardous to your liver, causing cirrhosis if you drink too much. Binge drinking can alter our DNA, in a long-lasting manner. https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2019/01/30/study-reveals-what-binge-drinking-could-be-doing-to-your-dna/#14b56d985d7a. Some people drink to relieve extreme pain from mental illness as many alcoholics have co-morbid things going on with alcohol. The first step towards beating alcoholism is to admit you have a problem, which is something not many people want to do in the beginning.


The Truth about Alcohol

Alcohol does not provide a ready solution to that sort of pain, however, because binge drinkers go above the legal limit for alcohol in the blood, which is 0.8 grams per 100 ml of blood. Genes that influence drinking behavior are the genes that have been changed by engaging in drinking. Forbes called these genes PER2, a gene that influences the body’s biological clock, as well as POMC, a gene that regulates stress responses. Both genes were altered while drinking for those binge drinkers spectators watch but cannot stop. The alteration process is called methylation, and heavy drinkers showed stunted growth in both genes, as sometimes you want Amethyst Benzos detox to work for you.

Instead of drinking, a series of stretching exercises can alleviate pain greatly before you try over the counter ways of relieving the pain. Exercises to alleviate that pain can include yoga style back twists and cat/cow. When you roll into a cat, you stretch your back, as you roll into cow, from the cat, you send ripples of stretching through to your spine, as well as other back muscles. In order to beat alcoholism, you have to go to a 12-step meeting if that is a way to maintain your accountability that staying sober will require upkeep on.

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Stop Drinking

The decision to stop drinking has to be made next, after admitting you have a problem at a 12-step meeting. The next step is to avoid triggers, such as https://www.rightstep.com/alcoholism/tips-fighting-alcohol-addiction-alone/, alcohol-related people or places. If being around family is a trigger since they all drink, it is best to avoid them. Writing down all the reasons you have to quit drinking is another way of holding yourself accountable. Drinking works to cover up extreme pain. Alcoholism has genetic factors because, in a study cited by Forbes, the participant’s response to images of alcohol and beer taste tests revealed that binge drinking activates the genetic security system that monitors how much we drink.

Essential oil can help alleviate extreme stress or pain from the desire to drink while in the midst of a craving. Lavender oil has properties that soothe pain, which can help sleep issues as well, as being anti-inflammatory, also having analgesic properties or properties that heal pain. Twelve-step groups have a track record for keeping people sober. Breathwork can ease stress from wanting to drink, as well as alleviate anxiety and negative emotions. https://healthankering.com/guided-breathing-exercises-calm-your-mind-body/. Guided breathing exercises also take on negative emotions as breathwork can alleviate anxiety.