The Top 10 Cities To Flirt In This Valentine’s Day

By | February 9, 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which we all know is not the most enjoyable day for the single people who have to absorb the lovey-dovey vibes from the many happy couples around them. Therefore, we believe that this is the perfect time for a city break! A new city offers many new opportunities to go out, have fun and flirt. Whether the aim is to have fun or to find your love, Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has researched which are the best European cities where you can flirt like crazy. Each city in the raking includes unmissable tips on nightclubs to visit, the number of singles living there, and we have also calculated the average accommodation price for one person per night.

Whether your aim is to have fun or to find your soulmate, Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has researched to find out which are the best cities where you can flirt to us here at Sporteluxe. Get ready to mingle! Here are the top ten best cities to flirt in this Valentine’s Day!

The Top 10 Cities To Flirt In This Valentine’s Day

1) Berlin (From $ 48 per night)

This city is known for its unbeatable party scene! You can dive into a bar on every corner and you will find the most creative and inspiring places. Would you like to party with fellow singles? Every month, “Fisch sucht Fahrrad” (fish seeks bike) is organised, with a special edition on Valentine’s Day, of course! It is said that in this creative city, a little more than half of the population is single and there are hundreds of locations where you can hit the club. Our favourite club: Sisyphos, this place is perfect if you like underground and techno!

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2) Prague (From $ 31 per night)

Similarly to Berlin, a visit to Prague will put yourself in the right place if you like a party. There are plenty of clubs and bars where you can enjoy a night out until the early hours of the morning. There are twenty clubs that get more than 4.5 stars on Google. Keep an eye on the Klementinum Mirror Chapel, where you can visit a cool jazz concert! The many sights are within walking distance in the old part of town, where you can get blissfully lost as you wander through the winding alleys. If you still want to stay in Valentine’s atmosphere, there is a Red Valentine party organised in restaurant Mr A., with live music!

best cities to flirt in, prague

Image: Prague Travel Advisory Board

3) London (From $ 36 per night)

England is not necessarily known for having a high percentage of single people, but London, on the other hand, is, with 44.1%. If you travel alone, you won’t get bored in London any time soon. There are many free cultural gems to discover, such as the Tate Modern gallery or the British Museum. On Google Maps alone you’ll find 240 clubs and bars where you can stay until late at night. Want to go against the crowd? There is an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” pub crawl being organised. Our tip: head to XOYO, on Cowper Street, in the district of Islington. Here you can enjoy various international DJs playing techno or house records.

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4) Paris (From $ 94 per night)

If you hear the word “Chérie!” behind you, stay where you are and turn around at once! This could be the first sign of the French flirting with you. Paris is, of course, called the city of love, but eligible bachelors are also well represented here with 51.8% of the population single. In the Le Marais district, you can stroll around the trendy galleries, boutiques and squares. When night falls, Chez Georges is a cosy wine bar, where you’ll find a vibrant student atmosphere inside. In the same street, Rue des Canettes, there are more bars that are open until late for your next stop. More in the mood for live music? Blizzard is the place to be. This is on Canal Saint-Martin, where it’s buzzing in the evening!

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5) Barcelona (From $ 86 per night)

The Spanish may be a little easier to flirt with than the Brits. It is pretty guaranteed that you will have quick contact with other people in Barcelona. With the culture of sharing plates of tapas whilst standing at a bar, you will strike up a conversation with your neighbour in no time. Barri Gotic is a nice neighbourhood with narrow alleys, trendy bars, traditional Spanish restaurants and clubs. El Bombón Salsa is a salsa club where we can definitely recommend the mojitos, sometimes they even surprise you with some live music. As far as culture is concerned, Barcelona has plenty to discover during the day. Keep your ears tuned for “Hola guapo/guapa!”

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6) Budapest (From $ 35 per night)

Budapest is known for its many natural springs where you can pamper yourself after a day out in the city. After time in the sauna or a steam bath, you will be sure to have enough energy to go out in the evening and enjoy all that the evening has to offer. The nightlife is known for the quirky, deserted buildings in which the clubs and bars have nestled in and made it their home. These locations allow you to get to know the real Budapest and meet a lot of other people very easily. The Jewish District, district VII, is a district where it all happens at night.

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It is a bit touristy, but a great cultural breeding ground is Szimpla Kert. This pub organises live music nights, movie nights and even has art galleries. Another tip: Instant Club. It has a courtyard garden and no less than 8 bars! The evening starts with live music and gradually turns into a rave.

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7) Amsterdam (From $ 113 per night)

In the De Pijp area, you are in the right spot if you want to spend your night hopping from pub to pub. On the weekends the bars here are open until late, so you can maybe even have let loose and have a little dance. In the city around Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of speed dating events where you can meet your fellow singles. In Amsterdam, 1 in 4 adults are single, so a trip here makes for a good time to make eye contact or talk to someone. Bar Bukowski at the Oosterpark, for example, is a very suitable place for this, also in the Javastraat you will find cosy restaurants and bars that hopefully are packed with singles when you visit them!

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8) Seville (From $ 30 per night)

Seville is known as a lively city because of its many students, all of whom are ready to flirt! There is also plenty to see here, starting with Triana, the neighbourhood to head to if you want to see a Flamenco show. Start your evening quietly at the authentic tapas bar El Rinconcillo or have a more upbeat start at the Alameda de Hercules with trendy pubs, including 100 Cocktelitos. Here you’ll find oversized cocktails for small prices. In addition, the mysterious bar La Bicicleteria (known by locals as La Bici) is perfect to mingle. The sign says “members only”, but don’t let it scare you off. Just ring the bell and let’s hope it’s not too crowded so they open the graffiti doors for you.

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9) Madrid (From $ 131 per night)

You definitely won’t get bored in Madrid. The many museums and authentic Spanish tapas bars ensure that you have a jam-packed itinerary. A visit to the Sofia Reina Museum is a real must. Just around the corner is our favourite club to get your hips moving: Teatro Kapital. This old theatre has many floors and halls where the DJs play all different styles of music. There really is something for everyone! The trendy neighbourhoods of Chueca and Malasaña are buzzing with life, terraces, bars and vintage shops. There are always many different kinds of people walking around. Grab a terrace and watch out for your potential flirting opportunities!

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Image: Madrid

10) Reykjavik (From $ 63 per night)

Little Reykjavik is, of course, nothing compared to the huge cities like London or Paris. But, because of this, it has the advantage that it is a bit safer and the nightlife is highly formed around the shopping street Laugavegur. Perfect for jumping from bar to bar, shall we start at the Lebowski Bar? If you fancy karaoke, The Secret Cellar lets you sing along with the songs and turns your evening into a great party! Iceland has unbeatable nature, so maybe you can share a car with a fellow traveller? That is immediately a nice way to get to know each other better.

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