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Sugar busters diet mark rippetoe

Im down 50lbs and about diet for a new trainee. The most important aspect of 5 sizes. This is a realistic approach to changing lifestyle and behavior is protein intake. How can you possibly eat that much protein? Why does the author gloss over this? Knowing this changed the way I think about exercise really.… Read More »

Sugar free gluten free vegan diet

After the thirty days, we both felt incredible. Smoothies are hands-down the best way to get all your food in one easy-to-assimilate format. Grains are not as awesome as I once thought. So I went camping, I went to five shows at Red Rocks totally sober, and I went to countless parties and networking events.… Read More »

Is coconut sugar ok on the paleo diet

It sneaks in everywhere, hiding behind a long list of different names and clever disguises. It creeps into tomato sauce, lurks in every salad dressing, and infiltrates otherwise-innocent canned soups. If you spend any time at all on Paleo, you practically start to see sugar peering out from behind every corner, shrouded in a black… Read More »