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Are you doing everything right but not losing weight? You could be making one of these common mistakes …

We don’t need military precision food plans or an alarm to remind us to eat every two hours. But if you do erratic things with food, expect erratic responses on the scales. 1. You’ve got no structure If that’s jumping from one diet to another, or being a weekend warrior with your food, you most… Read More »

Making proteins on a diet of only fats

When you eat a steak, your digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids, which your body uses as and 16 grams of siet making hormones, antibodies in your. Lake trout and certain deep-sea protein can help prevent muscle loss when you lose weight. Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner and has fewer calories than… Read More »

Why making anti-viral drugs is so hard – and how COVID-19 could be great for the field

It was 1928 when Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming noticed an odd phenomenon: mould that had formed accidentally in one of his petri dishes was stopping the growth of bacteria. Fleming had of course just discovered penicillin, and by the mid-1940s the world’s first antibiotic would be in mass production, launching a historic era when most… Read More »