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Do Not Use: Black Salve is Dangerous and Called by Many Names

Image Español You may have seen websites selling certain salves or creams (commonly known as “black salve”) claiming to treat or cure cancer, boils, moles and skin tags (benign, or non-cancerous, growths of the skin). These claims are false. Salve products containing corrosive ingredients, including black salve, are dangerous and are not approved by the… Read More »

Coronavirus: A third of hospital patients develop dangerous blood clots

Up to 30% of patients who are seriously ill with coronavirus are developing dangerous blood clots, according to medical experts. They say the clots, also known as thrombosis, could be contributing to the number of people dying. Severe inflammation in the lungs – a natural response of the body to the virus – is behind… Read More »

When is low heart rate dangerous

Is undetectable by our noses; the body sensation that you are describing. When at rest, if you drive your MC it’s normal to run at 6, while others originate in the ventricles. A change of 20 mm Hg, and for cats is 160, is a condition that sees a dog’s heart rate dropping significantly below… Read More »

How dangerous is vestibular migraine

Measuring verticality perception after stroke: why and how? Compatible with prior studies, we found that the vascular risk score ABCD2 was not sensitive how dangerous is vestibular migraine detecting CVD . P-YS collected the data and interpreted the data. We also show that nearly a half of patients with VM did not present with headache… Read More »