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How often does asthma kill

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What helps for asthma

Asthma attacks are potentially life-threatening. Read this next. It can cause the airways in the lungs become inflamed, which can make it difficult to move air in and out. Eosinophilic asthma is a type of severe asthma. Never hesitate to seek emergency medical attention if your rescue medication isn’t working. You may need to use… Read More »

How bad is vaping for asthma

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Can asthma sufferers take ibuprofen

Many common medications can have the unintended side effect of triggering asthma symptoms. Beta-Blockers Beta-blockers are typically used to treat problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and migraine headaches. They may also be used in an eye drop form for treating glaucoma. Beta-blockers can be very important preventative care medications; yet some are… Read More »

Mobilizing medicine: a breathtaking solution to asthma disparities

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the U.S., with a prevalence of 15.2 percent. The condition is manageable when treatment is appropriately prescribed, adjusted, and accessed by the patient. However, uncontrolled asthma can impair various facets of life and may even be fatal. This dichotomy is noteworthy, especially when considering how… Read More »