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Modern-Day Hippocrates: Incoming School of Medicine Students Write Their Own Oath – UPJ Athletics

First: Do no harm. And then: Adjust to the changing times. In addition to reciting the traditional Hippocratic Oath during the White Coat Ceremony on Aug. 16, the members of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Class of 2024 started a new tradition by writing their own class oath to acknowledge their ever-evolving responsibilities… Read More »

What is medicine for muscle pain

Why Fibromyalgia Is So Puzzling. Updated December 3, Wait a few days before trying the activity that caused the soreness. Curr Oncol. Rhabdomyolysis is a complex muscle disorder in which muscle tissue becomes so damaged that it begins dissolving and releasing substances into the bloodstream. Exercises that tend pain cause DOMS most frequently include those… Read More »