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Can asthma sufferers take ibuprofen

Many common medications can have the unintended side effect of triggering asthma symptoms. Beta-Blockers Beta-blockers are typically used to treat problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and migraine headaches. They may also be used in an eye drop form for treating glaucoma. Beta-blockers can be very important preventative care medications; yet some are… Read More »

Can you take fioricet with ibuprofen

If your dose is different, or mental depression, check with your doctor if you are having headaches or Migraines more often than you did before you started using this medicine. This is especially important if a new episode occurs within 1 day after you took your last dose of medicine, these can only be provided… Read More »

Overdosing With Ibuprofen

  Ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is sold as a generic with brand names such as Advil or Motrin. The recommended maximum daily dose is 1,200 milligrams. Unfortunately many people exceed this dose.   The problem with exceeding the maximum dose is that NSAIDs when over used can cause serious side… Read More »