How To Create Your Very Own Zen Space At Home

By | April 16, 2020

In times like this, we’ve been asked what we miss most. For some of us, it’s getting out of the house and running errands, seeing our family, and much more. With all of this pressure and stress, it’s important to indulge in a sense of zen at home by focusing your time and energy on doing you! We asked some of our experts for creative ways to create some zen in your space to keep spirits high and worry at bay. Below are a few things to create your own zen space at home, setting the tone for “me time” and indulge in self-care while at home. Keep reading below for more!

Expert Advice On How To Create Your Own Zen Space At Home

1) Let others know how you’re feeling:

Shari Foos, a therapist, educator, activist, speaker and founder of The Narrative Method says that being emotional is key. Find your voice and learn compassionate communal communication. “Saying what you’re feeling out loud to those in your house, or calling a friend to make the proclamation will validate your fear and worry and help you to face it and release it. The point is to allow yourself to face it and actually release the negativity and anxiety in your cells.”

2) Take a timeout, as a blackout:

“It is important to stay up-to-date with everything but make sure to give yourself a break from all the negative news out there and fill it with something positive. Having a detox period daily from the media and electronics during this time is key.” NJ Falk,  co-founder of forwarding Female, Chief-Mentorpreneur, speaker, business advisor, and angel investor advises us to let go and not indulge in the news coverage 24/7. It changes constantly. We’re so into using Mineral Air Skin to give us a moment of zen.

how to create a zen space

Image: Jen P. via Unsplash

3) Stretch it out:

“Start some me time taking 5 deep yoga inhalations and stretch to let your body know it is time to reset, recalibrate, reduce anxiety and stress- helping to force a clear your mind. It will literally change your energy and guide you to relax with the nervous system needs.” Yoga practitioner Kirschen Katz knows that exercise is key to implement during this time, and to stay healthy is equally important.

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4) Treat yourself, guilt-free:

NJ Falk echoes a sense of luxury as important. We are so mentally drained right now, it’s important to set these goals. “Set small realistic work goals to be productive and then call it a day. Normally we can’t afford the time off. Give yourself permission for a long overdue “me time of choice”. Now is the time to put yourself top of your “to-do list whether it is a dance party, a zoom girls night in, a nap, a romcom, or even a book binge.”  We love to burn a candle from SAINT to get through a rough time.

5) Really indulge in self-care:

Dr. Ava Shamban, board-certified dermatologist, founder of Ava M.D. and Skin Five Clinics recommends a late afternoon bath and plenty of self-care for face and body: exfoliation peels, masks, or home devices for LED, RF, or micro-needling. Also, prepare for an early night to reset the circadian rhythm (destroyed by late-night web surfing and stressors). Without the proper restoration of all our biological processes, we lose our optimal regeneration capacity. We love using this Floral Lavender Hand Wash by Philip B to get us relaxed.

how to create a zen space at home

Image: Alan Ko via Unsplash

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