How is genital herpes yet

By | May 29, 2020

how is genital herpes yet

You should practice safe sex and use condoms every time you have herpes with someone. Do ehrpes touch the sores or fluids to avoid spreading herpes to another part of your body. Even if symptoms go away, you need to finish all of the how medicine. Be monogamous. If you do not have genital, you can get infected if you come into contact with the herpes virus in.

It will not spread in your body to cause blisters. But health care providers can prescribe medicine to help. Repeat outbreaks are usually shorter and less severe than the first outbreak. Wash your hands after any contact with the sores.

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Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease STD. This STD causes herpetic sores, which are painful blisters fluid-filled bumps that can break open and ooze fluid. About 16 percent of people between the ages of 14 and 49 have this STD. Two types of herpes simplex virus cause genital herpes: HSV-1 which usually causes cold sores and HSV-2 which usually causes genital herpes. The viruses get into your body through your mucous membranes. Your mucous membranes are the thin layers of tissue that line the openings of your body. They can be found in your nose, mouth, and genitals. Once the viruses are inside your body, they incorporate themselves into your cells and then stay in the nerve cells of your pelvis. Viruses tend to multiply or adapt to their environments very easily, which makes treating them difficult.

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