Hip and Knee replacement

By | August 13, 2018

Process of exchanging natural hip with an artificial joint takes place with a help of operation in Hip replacement surgery and most of the senior citizens as well as older adult are benefited from this type of surgery. In the normal hip, the two bones of the hip joint fit together like a ball and socket. The top part of the thigh bone which is the femur is shaped like a ball and it fits into the socket cavity of the pelvic bone. Ligaments hold the joint together and stabilize it. There are various reasons why people have to step forward for this surgery out of which some of them are-

  • When cartilage on the end of the bone starts wearing off, the pain starts making difficulties in walking, climbing stairs, getting up from a chair or other normal activities and slowly it decreases mobility and increases pain. This type of problem mainly occurs at the age of 50 or above and known as Osteoarthritis.
  •  If the synovial membrane becomes inflamed and starts producing too much fluid then Rheumatoid arthritis is a reason which is an autoimmune disease.
  •  Finally traumatic arthritis resulting from a fracture or infected hip.

If you are thinking of Joint replacement there are some of the problems that must be taken care of

  • Infection- If there is any infection that takes place recently anywhere in the body then replacement should be avoided for certain times because infection could spread to the Joint’s area after operation or few months later that may cause serious problem.
  • Other health problems – Person having heart attacks or strokes or uncontrolled diabetes can be at risk and obese people may also need to lose their weight before joint replacement.
  • Uncertain cause of pain- Pain might be of different reasons such as nerve damage for severe pain in the knee or hip, in such case joint replacement might not be the proper cure. Your surgeon must be certain that the pain you feel is really caused by joint damage and thus can help in replacement.
  • Pain when at rest but not when walking – People who got pain while doing rest, for them replacement might not help but for those who got pain while walking can go through this surgery.
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Though joint replacement can be a safe procedure but risks are also there that comes along with it. After an operations it might takes few months to recover hence during that time proper care must be taken of otherwise risks may occur. There must be someone either family or friends to take care of you during this time at least for few weeks for complete assistance. If you are sure of making changes through replacement  then be sure of doing some research on replacement joints and procedures and talk with your doctor about how this surgery would help you to recover and what circumstances  might occur.

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