Asbestos Cancer

By | August 11, 2018

Asbestos cancer is a serious disorder affecting the lungs and may cause serious issues in proper and efficient functioning of the overall respiratory system of the victim. It may also cause other disorders related to the breathing process and may also infect other vital organs if the lumps start to metastasize.

Asbestos Cancer in Detail

Cancer of asbestos is basically the growth of malignant cells in various parts of the body due to regular or over-exposure to asbestos particles. Cancer of the asbestos is of three major types- pericardial, peritoneal and pleural. The disease is curable to a considerable extent in the initial stages but the chances of survival considerably decrease in the later stages. Those who are exposed to glass particles on regular basis may also suffer from the disorder.

Asbestos is a silicate compound converted into thin fibers and used in many areas like chemical industry, mining industry, shipping, construction, etc. It is usually used in the form of thin threads and can go into the person’s body even during the normal inhalation of oxygen. Such threads stick to inner layers of lungs and cause obstructions in smooth and sufficient supply of oxygen to the body. Deficiency of oxygen may lead to several disorders including organ failure at times.

Cancerous generation in the asbestos is also known as mesothelioma. Mesothelium is a type of membrane surrounding many important organs of the body and helps in their easy movement and better functioning. It is a kind of lubricating agent for the body. Invasion of malignant cells in this membrane directly affects the general body movements and forces the organs to function inefficiently. This further disturbs the coordination between various parts and brings about rapid metastasis of abnormal cells and tumors.

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Apart from exposure to asbestos particles, habits like heavy consumption of alcohol and smoking can be very harmful for body tissues and make them weak enough to be vulnerable to cancer infection. The cancer may occur in any person falling in the age-group of 20-50 years and can also be chronic in nature. In many cases, the disorder is detected quite late and thus, understanding asbestos cancer symptoms is very important. Breathing problems and a feeling of heaviness in the lungs is the most basic symptom of lung disorder. Formation of tumors can be confirmed only after thorough asbestos cancer diagnosis as there are several types of lung disorders which are not necessarily cancerous.

Asbestos cancer should be taken seriously as it directly impacts the breathing abilities of the victim. Oxygen is important for overall functioning of the body. Thus, any disruption in its supply may pose major threats. Asbestos cancer research is very helpful in designing proper pattern for asbestos cancer treatment.

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