Tips to Prepare Your Skin & Hair for the Winter Weather

By | August 26, 2018

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How to Maintain Your Skin and Hair in Winter

Winter is of course the best season to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but the season also will play havoc with your skin and hair. Your hair and skin will definitely find it hard to retain moisture during winter. Hence, it is good to have a weekly visit to a hair salon in Albuquerque during winter. Here are few tips to maintain your hair and skin during the extreme cold weather conditions.

Hair care

Use deep conditioner and mild shampoo

The cold weather will bring extreme dryness to your hair strands. Using concentrated shampoo may cause severe damage to the root hair. Instead, use a mild shampoo and a deep conditioner which will nourish your hair.

Switch over to a Bristle Brush

Your hair will be very dry and prone to breakage during cold weather. When you use a normal brush your hair will be more damaged. While using a bristle brush it will be easy for detangling and for managing your hair.

Take warm showers

In winter every one prefers a hot shower, but because of this your skin and hair becomes dry and lifeless. Make sure to take a normal warm temperature shower.

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Get a good massage

Cold weather normally means less circulation of blood in body, which includes scalp. It will be better if you hydrate your hair overnight with an oil or serum or you can get a good massage from a hair salon in Albuquerque.

Skin Care

Maintain your diet

Your skin texture mainly depends on the food you take in. A proper nutritious diet will rejuvenate the skin from within. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet and take it minimum of 3 liters of water for getting a healthy skin naturally.


Moisturizers and cold creams are very essential during winters. Use a moisturizing cream every evening and daytime moisturizer for morning especially around the eyes and on dry areas. Regularly applying moisturizer can keep your skin soft and supple during winter.

Therapy for skin

It is good to pamper your skin with coconut oil before bath; this will heal your skin’s dryness, and will help you retain your moisture level, use mild soap while bathing. Adding few drops of essential oil can help to retain back the moisture which you lost. It is always good to avoid very hot shower.

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