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Now 54-year-old David Cameron gets his Covid jab amid postcode lottery fears

Now 54-year-old David Cameron gets his Covid jab after ‘getting a call from his GP’ – even though roll-out in England has only just been officially expanded to over-60s Mr Cameron said he was ‘proud’ to have received the jab and hailed the NHS Unclear why he was jabbed, given rollout only supposed to target… Read More »

Family ‘hits the jackpot’ in quarantine hotel lottery, gets stuck in Ritz-Carlton

Quarantining in Singapore can be a dismal or luxury experience — but you won’t know until you reach your hotel. The majority of current arrivals to the sovereign island city-state are required to quarantine in a hotel room for 14 days, to ensure they do not spread the coronavirus. But the quality of hotels varies… Read More »

When viagra gets stuck in your throat

But if the abnormalities occur high enough in the esophagus, there are some signs you could look for to know that someone is having some difficulty swallowing food or has food tuck in the throat. In the current world, therefore provoking vomiting. The muscles of your throat move food down the esophagus, then there are… Read More »

John Kerry gets tough on food in Australia

It’s not everyday former US Secretary of State John Kerry is Down Under to problem-solve how to feed the world and chat to innovators taking action. But Mr Kerry will deliver a keynote speech in Melbourne on Tuesday to agricultural and food industry leaders about changing food habits amid a global population boom and acceleration… Read More »