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Where is a cardiac muscle found

However, novel molecular biological and comprehensive studies unequivocally showed that intercalated discs founv consist of mixed-type adhering junctions named area composita pl. On the outer found where male infertility genetic the myocardium is the epicardium which forms cardiac of the pericardium, the sack that surrounds, protects, and lubricates the heart. In this article, we discuss… Read More »

Prosthetic ear found on Florida beach prompts police search

Police officers in Florida are asking the public to keep a look out for a beachgoer who lost a prosthetic ear this week. The Holmes Beach Police Department said someone found it on the Manatee Public Beach, where the World’s Strongest Man final was held over the weekend. Police shared two photos on Facebook, showing both the outside of the ear… Read More »

Top Executives of Insys, an Opioid Company, Are Found Guilty of Racketeering

BOSTON — A federal jury on Thursday found the top executives of Insys Therapeutics, a company that sold a fentanyl-based painkiller, guilty of racketeering charges in a rare criminal prosecution that blamed corporate officials for contributing to the nation’s opioid epidemic. The jury, after deliberating for 15 days, issued guilty verdicts against the company’s founder,… Read More »