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Can chlamydia form from a yeast infection

They regress approximately 1 month after the completion of therapy because of their exquisite sensitivity to radiation. The 1988 TBS, birth control pills, the goal of TBS was to provide uniformity in the interpretation and reporting of cytologic material obtained from the cervix and vagina and thus facilitate communication between the laboratory and the clinician.… Read More »

Newly recognised form of dementia could now be easier to diagnose

Multiple types of dementia affect brain functionALFRED PASIEKA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY By New Scientist staff and Press Association Researchers have published guidelines for diagnosing a newly recognised form of dementia that progresses more slowly than Alzheimer’s disease and tends to affect people near the end of their lives. Unlike people who have Alzheimer’s disease, people with… Read More »

Beyond the Intake Form: Why Coaches Must Do the Work to Know Their Clients

If you’ve been following and writing for Girls Gone Strong these past few years, you’ve noticed an exciting shift in the GGS community’s conversations. Now more than ever before, trainers and enthusiasts are recognizing that women are more than just bodies, and that a truly inclusive approach to fitness means understanding how race, sexuality, sex,… Read More »

4 Things You Must Do If You Have Form 2 Suffering from diabetes issues and Rest Apnea!

An escalating number of snoring individuals experience with type 2 diabetes. Analysis shows these two apparently different conditions have a close relationship, therefore it should be no surprise. Sleep Sleep apnea and Suffering from diabetes issues, often reach obese persons, although not everyone who has apneas or has diabetes is obese. Doctors agree that, both… Read More »