Medical Tourism in India for Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

By | September 25, 2018

Muscular dystrophy is a global disease affecting every race and color, but is most commonly diagnosed in male children. There are several types of MD, the most popular for children being Becker and Duchenne, each of which can be very detrimental to one’s mobility in everyday life. Usually those with MD will eventually be confined to a wheelchair and won’t be able to take care of themselves. Approximately 1.5 out of 10,000 males between the ages of 5 and 24 are reported to have MD in the United States alone.

There is no cure for MD, however there are several treatment options to help slow the progression of the disease and somewhat increase the quality of life. Therapies and medications come in a vast variety, and more and more people are looking for better answers and better ways to care for the immobilizing disease.

Among the different sorts of muscular dystrophy treatment in India, stem cell therapy is recently becoming a popular choice. Stem cell therapy is the first to show an actual regression of the disease and an improvement in mobility, and may be the first stepping stones to a cure. The therapy has been proven to dramatically restore muscle strength. Doctors and scientists are very excited about this breakthrough with their patients and are encouraging more research and development for the stem cell therapy.

Because of the bans, restrictions, and controversies in the United States federal and state laws, patients need to turn to treatment centers outside of the country in places such as India, where the practice of stem cell therapy for MD is ever-growing and encouraged. For this reason and others, more Americans are deciding to explore what has been deemed “medical tourism,” or going to other countries for treatment, to countries such as India to seek muscular dystrophy treatment in India.

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Medical tourism in India is growing and starting to become a very popular industry for the country. Studies have shown that the industry should produce revenues of about $ 3 billion this year. India offers healthcare at about a tenth as much the cost as United States healthcare. It is estimated that over a hundred thousand Americans travel to India for medical treatment annually. The average range of savings for an American to seek healthcare in India is about 65-90%. That is quite a lot and especially worth it for being able to perform the stem cell therapy for MD that most United States hospitals cannot.

Muscular dystrophy treatment in India is far-ranging, but as of late, there has been amazing breakthroughs with stem cell therapy. Through medical tourism, plenty of different patients with MD from around the world can come to India to explore the possibilities of stem cell therapy at a generally lower cost and with less legal issues. Not only is this a great opportunity for the patients, it’s even better for India’s economy. Hopefully through the stem cell therapy, something at least close to a cure for MD can be found and more and more patients can rely on Indian medicine.

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