From food stamps to bulging bank accounts, these OnlyFans moms pulling in serious cash

By | March 6, 2021

Mama mia! These women with kids are rising out of poverty while cleaning up by stripping down on OnlyFans – and they don’t give a fig about being confronted by the kinds of killjoys who bully moms like Tiffany Poindexter.

Nita Marie, a 45-year-old mother of two from Colorado, went from relying on food stamps to earning $ 1 million per year thanks to her following of generous horndogs, she told Jam Press. Eager to share the wealth — and to make more on the side — she’s also instructing some 200 other homemakers on how to rake in the big bucks.

One of her cleavage queens, Maddie Vance — a 28-year-old with two kids in Tennessee — earns around $ 4,000 per month by flaunting her bod on OnlyFans. And she has mentor Marie to thank for it.

“Nita’s group has not only helped me build my page and earnings on the site but has also given me a safe place to talk about hardships through the job,” Vance told Jam Press. “OnlyFans can be isolating. Nita’s coaching group has made me feel less alone and even more empowered through this line of work.”

Maddie Vance makes $  4,000 per month and likes to "discuss hardships" of the OnlyFans life.
Maddie Vance makes $ 4,000 per month and likes to “discuss hardships” of the OnlyFans life.
Jam Press/@maddie.vancexo

Eve Wild, 42 — another hot mom with a bulging bank account, thanks to skin-driven earnings of $ 14,000 to $ 15,000 per month — hinted that Marie might even be doing the lord’s work.

“I truly believe God brought her into my life, to help [me] move forward,” said the appropriately named Wild. Pointing out the supportive nature of their clique, she added, “It makes my heart so full, knowing that I can help women find their happiness and financial stability, just like I found mine.”

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Aptly named Eve Wild got OnlyFans with a bit of help from God.
Aptly named Eve Wild got to OnlyFans with a bit of help from God.
Jam Press/@mywildways1

Marie told Jam Press that she stumbled upon her diamond career in the rough of life. After a bit of experience modeling in college, she married in 2002, at age 24, and divorced in 2017 with two children to raise and a small business to run. The business — working as a sales rep for a Christian beauty company — tanked and Marie’s finances scraped bottom along with her self-esteem.

Nita Marie digs the spirit-raising work.
Nita Marie digs the spirit-raising work.
Jam Press/@love.nitamarie3

Posing in the buff buoyed her spirits. Doing it on OnlyFans, without getting too kinky, plumped her bankroll: “I literally went from qualifying for food stamps to, the next full year, making over a million dollars.”

And, she points out, being a MILF among the Gen Z showoffs doesn’t hurt. “There aren’t many 45-year-olds doing this… I’m in my mid-40s and making more money than most of the models.”

Considering her OnlyFans tutorials, Nita Marie makes women hot for teacher.
Considering her OnlyFans tutorials, Nita Marie makes women hot for teacher.
Jam Press/@love.nitamarie3

And for anyone who thinks that Marie and her crew – including one mom who’s using an OnlyFans windfall of at least $ 20,000 per month to put a daughter through law school – are just a bunch of lolling-around sex pots, the hip-chick den-mother has some news.

“[Modeling on OnlyFans] is a viable business, it’s respectable and the women on OnlyFans work their butts off,” she told Jam Press. “It’s a lot of brains and beauty.”

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