Bethany Giura: International Playboy Playmate Talks About Her Workout, Diet and Beauty secrets

By | April 13, 2021

She is an American published model and television personality featured in Playboy Slovakia, Playboy Australia and Playboy Sweden. She has twice been on the cover of BADD Magazine. She has more than 771k followers on Instagram. She has featured onFHM and Playboy USA. She is also international Playboy Cover Playmate. She was hosted TV show for a series called Watch Me Battle..

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Bethany Giura, Glamour model and international Playboy Cover Playmate who talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets.

Namita Nayyar:

You recently appeared in Playboy Sweden. Provide us an insight about the shoot with the magazine? Describe two memorable events while the shoot took place.

Bethany Giura:

I had a shoot with a Playboy staff photographer to shoot some content for Instagram but the images came out so well, that he submitted them to some of the different Playboys. The images were picked up by Playboy Australia and then on the cover of Playboy Sweden and then published in the USA with Playboy Plus.

During the shoot I remember looking at the photographer and saying “this is the Playboy girl next door look” and it was. I also was very sick at the time but you cannot tell in the pictures.

Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in your life. First thing you do once-off your bed.

Bethany Giura:

I always start & end my day with a shower. Then I typically get ready and head out the door to run any of my errands or I work with my business partner from home. I grab Starbucks in the afternoons and work out in the early evenings. Then I either order delivery or get dressed up and go out to dinner.

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Namita Nayyar:

Five exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine that you may like to share? Five stretches to get the body moving.

Bethany Giura:

I work out with a personal trainer either in person or virtually. We train abs and glutes a lot. I am always doing planks, crunches, reverse crunches, dead bugs, mountain climbers, and Russian twists for my abs. For my glutes, we mainly use resistance bands. I do a ton of hip thrusts, fire hydrants, and kickbacks.

The hip thrust variations really build your booty. I actually don’t do a lot of squats. So you do not have to squat for a booty. As far as stretching, I am terrible about that but child’s pose is a complete necessity.

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