How to Stay Healthy on Long Road Trips  

By | October 30, 2018

Long road trips give you a sense of freedom and enable you to see all the marvels made by Mother Nature and human beings. Trips are fun and entertaining and give you a chance to escape the boring, repetitive schedule. However, you need to stay healthy when on long road trips and safe as well. Most drivers end up causing accidents or other traffic offences of which CA courts have the most cases. Here are tips for staying healthy on long road trips.

Take a course in defensive driving

If you recently got a traffic ticket, the law allows you to dismiss the ticket by enrolling in a Traffic school. However, the court determines if you are eligible, in most cases you should not have had a traffic ticket for the last 18 months. Taking a defensive driving cause before taking on a long road trip enhances your safety and can also earn you a discount on the car insurance.

Bring lots of water

Keeping your body rehydrated helps you maintain focus on the road and avoid getting too fatigued. Carry reusable water bottles that you can fill with water at every stop. If your lodging has a freezer, chill some water so that you have some cool water all day long. Do not pack lots of caffeinated drinks, soda, and creamy drinks. These sugar-packed drinks increase the rate of dehydration during your trip.

Stop for stretching and a little walk

Stop in some instances. Get out of your car, stretch out and walk for a few minutes. During the trip, you are likely to experience tension on your neck, lower back, hip flexors, and lower back. Stopping for a moment helps you release the tension and not feel too fatigued. It is also nice to breathe some fresh air or enjoy the breeze every little while.

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Protect your eyes

If travelling during the summer season, you are likely to expose your eyes to bright sunshine which can cause eye cancers or damage your vision. A good pair of sunglasses can protect you from these. Ideal sunglasses always shield you from UV light. You can also buy a pair of polarized glasses to cut down the glare from vehicles and objects along the road so that you can drive faster without any distractions.

Choose right meals

The road food is usually very unhealthy from the fast food drive-ins to street markets and gas station cafes. Be careful about what you eat. Go for lighter meals with preference on greens, and grilled meat. You may also ask for a sauce on the side to garnish the food.

Get rest before and between your trip

Drowsy driving is a leading cause of road accidents. Drivers are unable to concentrate on the roads and more often hit other road users or stationary objects. It is safe to Park your car at the side of the road if you start feeling dizzy and get some rest. Alternatively, you can travel in groups of drivers so that you alternate whenever one feels drowsy.

Keep your brain active throughout the trip

Apart from sleeping behind the wheel, you may get distracted and forget that you are driving. Get your mind to be active on the road during your trip. You can take a friend with you to keep you alert through conversation. You should also come with a playlist of your best songs. Music keeps your mind relaxed as the miles fly by.

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Keep healthy for your next road trip. Take care of your body as you do to the vehicle. Otherwise, the road trip may become a curse to your health rather than enjoyment.
Enroll in traffic school today and avoid offences which CA courts have the most cases.

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