Aussie Favorite Bondi Harvest Opens New Location in Culver City

By | October 14, 2019

One of our go-to spots for dining in both Los Angeles and Sydney, Bondi Harvest, is opening a second U.S. location in Culver City, in addition to their Santa Monica base, led by Sabrina Harper and created by Chef Guy Turland. Turland, well known for his unique cooking, easy to follow lifestyle programs, and one of a kind cookbooks, has worked with the likes of chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Peter Doyle. He’s also trained in critically acclaimed establishments such as Bondi Beach’s favorite fine dining locale, Iceberg’s Dining Room.

Born in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Bondi Harvest’s motto has always been “eat well, go surfing, pretty simple”. Bondi has been exciting taste buds with dishes such as their squash pancakes and rainbow bowls since 2016. Their surf shack style is a must-have eating experience when visiting the City of Angels. We recommend you ask for their house-made chili sauce. It’s a sophisticated version of Sriracha so good customers are requesting they bottle it up and sell it in-house. Their Culver City will not stray far from this rallying cry, building on the idea of sharing their Aussie beach vibes and nutritious, whole-food dishes with patrons of Los Angeles. Striving to inspire and build a healthier, environmentally conscious community of food lovers is Bondi Harvest’s goal.

The new, unique menu will reflect Bondi’s traditional offerings, with a more upscale twist. Bondi Harvest’s Platform-Culver City location will offer an elevated take on nutritious food. You’re likely going to be surprised that a fine dining experience can make you feel so healthy. With a menu designed by Chef Guy Turland, he flips the page on the traditional Aussie dinner. Not to mention, the beer and wine list is to die for. Those dining with Bondi will also be able to experience incredible partnerships with brands such as San Vittoria Coffee, Cobram Estate Olive Oil, Aqua Bumps, 4 Pines Brewery, Tastmade, and Tractorless Vineyards

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So if you’re looking to experience how the authority on healthy eating in Australia does opulence, come say g’day.

Bondi Harvest Location:

Platform – 8850 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Bondi Harvest Instagram



Bondi Harvest Culver City Platform

From L to R: Bondi Harvest Caesar Salad and their Confit Tuna Salad (the tuna made inhouse)

Bondi Harvest Culver City Platform

Bondi Chicken Burger on Ciabatta drizzled in their famous house-made chili lime aioli

Bondi Harvest Culver City Platform

From L to R: Aussie staple sunny side up Eggs On Toast with a side of avocado and the Breakfast Sandwich and Kombucha on tap

While you’re here, check out Bondi Harvest’s recipe for their amazing Sweet Potato Nachos.