You can now buy freezable bra pads to stop your boobs sweating in this heat

By | July 29, 2019

On the hunt for ways to cool down during the heatwave? If you’re being blighted by boob sweat, why not buy these freezable bra pads.

Good news ladies, freezable bra liners now exist.

The handy product will leave you feeling nippy – even during the searing Irish heat.

They work to lower your body temperature and ward off and sweat patches.


And according to happy customers, the item is “amazing”.

Polar Products is selling its Cool Bra Coolers for $ 37.11 (around €33) and they can be purchased here.

The underwear liners can be cooled in the freezer.

And once they reach a temprature of 14C, users are ready to take them out.

The discreet pads can then be placed into any bra or top.

According to the product description, they then deliver “comfortable cooling for up to one hour”.


freezable bra pads Prevent boob sweating by putting these freezable pads in your bra

It’s likely the bra liners are flying off the shelves due to the hot weather.

Some ladies also snap them up to help them cope with hot flushes or night swears.

The item description adds: “Cool your t**s! Literally!

“Having a major hot flash or some night sweats?

“Throw these babies in your bra or against your chest and feel instant cooling effects.

“When you are overheated, sometimes all you need is a quick, refreshing cool down in just the right places!”


Plenty of reviewers have raved about the bra pads online.

freezable bra pads Shoppers have been raving about the product

On the Polar Products website, a happy customer gushed: “I used the bra coolers the first day that I got them…

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“Best purchase I have made.

“I would recommend to any female.”

Another said: “The scarf and bra coolers are so discreet and really helpful, especially with the inserts frozen solid.


“The torso wrap is a bit bulky, and awkward for sitting, but when temps are really high, who cares, it helps!”

A third added: “Polar Products are amazing.”