Things you should know about Kidney Failure

By | September 6, 2018

If you are suffering from kidney disorders, then you would surely know how important it is to prevent kidney failure. Kidneys diseases can be both permanent as well as temporary and are known as chronic and acute renal/kidney failure.

The distinction between chronic and acute kidney failure:

Acute renal failure is generally due to causes that are directly linked to poor diet and body stress. It leads to rapid failure in the functions connected with the kidney and lot of distress. The other types of renal failures are indirectly connected to poor nutrition or diet and are generally brought about by other illnesses or diseases.

Common causes linked to acute kidney diseases are as follows:

  • Dehydration caused due to dehydration from lack of fluid intake or excessive fluid loss (gastroenteritis diarrhea, flu sweating)
  • Hypovolemia caused due to excess blood loss
  • Obstruction of veins and kidney arteries which cause inconsistent blood flow
  • Intake of pain killers, excess sodium/ protein and potassium and other medications
  • Restrictions in the bladder which causes back-flows into the kidneys

These causes lead to an interconnected series of events—which ranges from mild infections to serious damages of the kidney. Cysts, tumors and blockages occurring in the abdomen cause further obstructions in and around the urinary and reproductive system too.

Medication such as ibuprofen, anti inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, iodine and other radiology medications can lead to the advanced symptoms of kidney related diseases and require immediate medical attention. Kidneys may also get shut down as a result of Sepsis, which occurs when the body’s immune system is infected in any way.

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Some causes connected with chronic renal/kidney failure are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis.
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate cancer or other prostrate diseases
  • Reflux nephropathy
  • Polycystic conditions

Other Risks connected with Renal Failure:

Kidney failure and problems can lead to age related concerns, obstructions and other problems—including tumors and cancers around the bladder and require immediate visits to the best kidney hospital in Delhi. The presence of stones in the kidney do not lead to kidney failures but can definitely increase the strain on this vital organ and lead to other risks and dangers.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure:

In most cases kidney failures are difficult to detect and do not boast of any in advance signs or symptoms. However, some of the common signs that herald advanced stages of kidney problems are fluid retention, onset of weakness, mild pain, discomfort while urinating and irregularities in waste products being eliminated from the body. As per urologists and orthopaedic surgeons in Delhi –these sign require urgent attention and positive changes in the lifestyle and diet patterns of the patients.

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