These Sheets Are So Comfortable, I Never Want to Sleep Without Them

By | November 23, 2018

I have a strict rule about my bed: It’s for sleeping and sex only. I’m not a person who likes to eat in her bed, spend all day lounging in her bed, or even take naps in her bed. The rule helps me think of this place as an area where only good things happen. And, as such, I like it to be as nice as possible.

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Which was why I was curious to try out Brooklinen, the bedding brand I’ve seen—and you’ve probably scrolled past—countless times on Instagram. The dreamy photos of softly draped sheets and tousled duvets that fell just so looked exactly like the thing I needed to transform my bed into the oasis I want it to be.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Created by a husband and wife who raised initial funding for the company on Kickstarter in 2014, Brooklinen has since grown into a more than $ 20 million business. Which means there must be more to this bedding than looking great in a square-cropped photo.

There was only way way to find out, so I decided to test Brooklinen’s complete line of sheets. Spoiler alert: They turned my sleep-and-sex-only bed to a place I never want to leave. That alone was worth the cost of this bedding, which runs between $ 210-$ 423 for full-size sets. But if you’re not keen on spending that kind of money, you’re in luck. Until Nov. 26, Brooklinen is running one of its only two sales per year. Save between 10 and 20 percent—no code necessary—and you, too, can turn your bed into the coziest place on earth.

The Classic Set


Classic Core Sheet Set


$ 129.00

First up, Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet Set: standard, percale bedding that’s soft, cool, crisp, and suited for all seasons. Percale, known for its smooth, matte finish, refers to the way the fabric is woven—one thread under, one over. When made well, the folds and creases sort of stand up on their own, like the peaks of whipped cream, and are so light they almost float above your body.

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The good: These feel like damn hotel sheets! Since Brooklinen’s take on the percale set is 250-thread count cotton—on the lower side of what’s considered average for good bedding—they’re incredibly light and cool. I was practically kissing them when my landlord turned on the radiators in my ancient Brooklyn building, making my bedroom akin to a dry sauna. If you or your partner is a hot sleeper, or if you have a landlord who likes to run the radiators at full blast, this is the breathable option of your dreams.

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The not-so-good: When I first opened the package, I thought there’s no way the sheets could ever be soft. They felt a little plastic-y until I heeded the included directions and ran them through the washer and dryer before putting them on my bed.

A Luxe Silky Set


Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle


$ 213.00

I tend to prefer the matte look of percale and always thought sateen—another, slightly more complicated weave pattern—would be too clingy or hot. It’s true that the fabric drapes a bit closer to the body, but turns out I’ve just been buying poorly-made sheets that gave this bedding an unfairly bad rap. Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen Set is its all-time bestseller and has definitively changed my mind about the material for good.

The good: I thought these sheets would be sticky and heavy and hot, and I’m happy to report I was incredibly wrong—these felt soft right out of the box. By the time I’d washed them and was ready to make my bed (which, BTW, Brooklinen makes very easy by labeling the long and short ends of its bedding), they felt like the soft cotton T-shirt you save for cozy days. But thanks to the 480-thread count, they live up to their luxe title. They’re slick, but because the fitted sheet is designed to fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep (like my beloved Casper), they stay perfectly in place. Meaning? No waking up with tangled limbs tangled.

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The not-so-good: Despite feeling like buttah, the higher thread count meant I woke up a bit sweaty (remember the crazy radiators?). If you live somewhere cold or like feeling extra cozy when you sleep, these should be a good fit for you.

An Uber-Soft Linen Set


Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle


$ 385.00

If there was a status fabric for sheets, it would be linen. I’ve spent most of my adult life pining for it—it gets super hot in my apartment in the summer (hello, no AC), and nothing makes me feel worse than waking up sweaty. The material is known to be moisture-wicking, because it can retain more of its weight in water than traditional cotton can. I tried these earlier this year, during the hot, late-summer months, in order to give them a proper test.

The good: I can’t say I never woke up sweaty, but I definitely woke up with the sheets still on me—not kicked off—more mornings than not. I worried linen would be rough or coarse, but this bedding felt gauzy and light, and it’s my new go-to summer set.

The not-so-good: If you need your bed to look perfect at all times, these sheets probably aren’t for you. They get quite wrinkly after a few nights of sleeping in them and stretch between washes. And while they’re super soft, it does take a while to get used to the feeling of linen.

A Cozy Wintertime Set

Truth be told, I didn’t even realize Brooklinen made twill sheets until I set out to test all their bedding. But I’m extremely glad I know about them, especially considering it’s about to be winter in New York, and I’m not a fan of sleeping in sweats. Brooklinen’s set is made to feel like a lighter version of flannel, which I assumed would be way too thick and hot. But I was very pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t the case—it was just right.

The good: Holy eff, these are soft. Like, sleeping-in-the-shirt-you-stole-from-your-ex-boyfriend soft. I was worried they’d be stretchy, hot, and clingy, but they were surprisingly light. I can also attest they’re Brooklinen’s softest set, just like the bedding brand advertises. I washed and dried them out of the box (Brooklinen’s suggestion), but these felt soft as soon as I opened them up. I expect they’ll only get softer with every use.

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The not-so-good: If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll be even toastier in these sheets. I had to kick off my duvet and turn on a fan. I’ll probably only use these on the very coldest of winter nights.

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