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How treat muscle pain

Exercise is an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It improves your heart and lungs, and builds strong bones and muscles. However, exercise can cause sore muscles. This is common if you try a new exercise or increase your intensity. You may use new muscles, strain your muscles, or get small tears in your… Read More »

How to treat acid reflux from home

Acid reflux can cause a painful, burning sensation in the throat or chest, which people refer to as heartburn. Simple home remedies and lifestyle tips can help reduce or prevent acid reflux and heartburn. Acid reflux is very common, and other symptoms may include vomiting, bad breath, tooth erosion, and a bitter or sour taste… Read More »

Why are migraines hard to treat

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Most people with migraines have family members who have migraines. Make a log of what seems to trigger your migraines. An aura can happen just before or during a migraine. There are four different phases of migraines. A migraine usually starts gradually and then becomes more severe. Why… Read More »

How to use ginger to treat migraine

For professional medical information on natural medicines, pith of Citrus tangerine, you get four or more migraines per month. Hexane fraction of Zingiberis Rhizoma Crudus extract inhibits the production of nitric oxide and proinflammatory cytokines in LPS, pharmacological basis for the medicinal how to use ginger to treat migraine of ginger in gastrointestinal disorders. It… Read More »