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A Global Health Star Under Fire

The leader of a global campaign to prevent tuberculosis has been accused of bullying and harassing employees, and creating a poisonous work environment especially for people of color, according to interviews with current and former staff members and internal documents obtained by The New York Times. Since 2011, at least seven employees have filed formal… Read More »

This Stock Is The ‘Amazon Of Medicine,’ And It’s On Fire – Forbes

Getty Did you see the crazy Thanksgiving shopping numbers? On Thanksgiving Day, Americans spent a whopping $ 4.2 billion—shattering last year’s record by 14.5%. The next day, Americans shelled out $ 7.4 billion on “Black Friday” deals. When you think Black Friday, you probably think eager shoppers waking up at 5 am to stampede into… Read More »

Fire haze on par with chain smoking

A respiratory diseases expert has estimated the effect on your lungs of inhaling Sydney’s current fire haze is the equivalent of smoking 32 cigarettes. And hazardous chemicals in the smoke could adversely affect the babies of pregnant women or cause heart attacks in people with underlying cardiac conditions. Associate Professor Brian Oliver has analysed the… Read More »

The Battle for the One, True ‘Fire Cider’

Fire cider is an herbal concoction that steeps for weeks and emerges tangy and hot. It is a pungent brew made from apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic and horseradish, sometimes with citrus and hot peppers thrown in. Proponents claim it has beneficial properties. Lately fire cider has become known for another property: its ability to… Read More »