Is Yoga or Pilates a Better Way to Lose Weight? Posted By : Amit Koithiyal

By | October 11, 2018

One of the most common topics of interests is weight loss. Almost every individual has to think about his or her weight at some point of time. Even if you are healthy, the requirement of keeping your body fit and flexible is all together a different deal. This is the reason today we have so many centers for yoga and Pilates. Yoga and Pilates are the most widely practiced set of exercises that ensure to keep one’s body and mind fit and healthy. Not only the practices help in losing weight but also make sure that you keep fit, strong and supple. Most fitness experts and physical trainers believe that there are numerous benefits of yoga.

Pilates vs Yoga

Let us no run s study on Pilates vs Yoga. Yoga is an ancient style of exercising. It involves synchronized working out of both physical and spiritual component. Yoga primarily has asanas that keep a body fit, healthy and highly flexible. The exercises present the perfect blend of body with mind and attempt to introduce the sense of balance to life. However today, yoga has recognized as an ideal set of exercises that can help an individual lose weight and maintain fit and healthy body. There are numerous benefits of Yoga. In addition to keeping your body healthy, it also keeps your mind fit and powerful. A highly advanced form of yoga is power yoga. Let us now gain some insightful information on Pilates. Pilates as introduces by Joseph Pilates. Originally termed ascontrology, Pilates later became eminent as a rehabilitative exercise practice. Pilates are performedfor the physical enhancement of the body. It comprises of multiple exercises that are practiced with specialequipment called reformers and Cadillacs. It helps in exclusively stabilizing and coordinating movements within the body. In the ancient times, Pilates was a thing restrained with dancers but today, it has come up as a full-fledged body fitness regime. Pilates benefits are multiple. There are numerous fitness centers that run Pilates classes.

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Pilate benefits are versatile

It is true that the art of yoga has established and proved itself as one of the best weight loss techniques, but we still cannot count out Pilates. Benefits of Pilates are much more than just weight loss. It helps your body gain the right posture. Your muscles become strong and gain an appearance of an amore lean and toned body. So, if you are on a run to lose weight and gain a body that presents an example of great shape and strength then try out both Pilates and Yoga. Health And Fitness | Yoga