Dealing With A Break-Up? Here Are 7 Strategies To Help You Heal

By | October 31, 2020

Ending a relationship is never fun. You have either tried so hard that you need to move on or you’re dealing with an unforeseen blow. With your partner, it can either be smooth sailing or a disaster. It could be a mutual break-up or one person ends up more hurt than the other. Regardless of who dealt the blow, you are ending a partnership with someone you have cared about for a period of time. It can be hurtful and heartbreaking to deal with healing after a break-up. What is your go-to strategy? Do you deal with your emotions? Do you spend time alone to process? Or are you the type to spend your time in the safe arms of friends, those that can support you? We’ve listed seven different strategies to help with healing after a break-up. Keep reading for more!
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7 Ways To Help With Healing After A Break-Up

1) Lean On Your Friends

If you are ending your relationship with your romantic partner, it may be best to take a moment and lean on your friends for a second. They’re on your side and are your support system, through and through. They may be able to get your mind off things, discuss the end of your partnership, and give you good advice that can help you cope.

2) Get Away Somewhere, Even Just For A Day

With your break-up on your mind, it may be useful to get away for a quick second, even just for a day. While we are dealing with the pandemic, it could be nice to get a COVID-friendly Airbnb or hotel in a town nearby. Stay safe and get your mind off things!

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3) Find A New Hobby

Your old relationship might’ve consumed a lot of your time in the past. If it did, and you’re finding yourself with a lot of free time, we recommend taking up a hobby that you might’ve wanted to try on in the past. DJing? Writing? Art? There are so many fun things that you can do to keep your mind off things.

healing after a break-up
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4) Cry It Out

This probably goes hand in hand with hanging out with your friends, but we recommend this 100%. Getting your emotions out on the table may be the best way to talk through the end of your relationship. Bottling it all up inside will implode at some point, and dealing with this life event is key to healing in the proper way.

5) Talk To A Therapist

There is no shame in seeking help! Therapists are a treasure and mental health is important. Unbiased, unfiltered advice and discussion from someone completely removed from your life is helpful in talking through your relationship. It might help you seek out what you want and don’t want from your next one as well.

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6) Self-Care, Do You

While you were focused on dating someone in the past, now you have the time to focus on yourself. Put all your energy into rediscovering you and why you’re special. Prioritize yourself, take full control of your life, and care about you for a change! Sleep well, exercise, and eat food that’s good for you!

7) Go On A Date

Once you are ready, get yourself out there! It is definitely hard to date now, but maybe try a dating app and start a conversation.

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healing after a break-up
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