A Simple Exercise for Chakra Meditation Posted By : Anthony Young

By | September 16, 2018

Chakras are integrated with Reiki in Western countries. The body has seven major chakras, from the root (perineum) up to the crown (the top of the head). These meditations are performed to feel unique energy within the body and around. Meditating regularly will activate and maintain the energy levels in the body.Most of the people practice and meditate in groups especially in Reiki class even though you can do it at your home all alone.Only by meditating more chakras, you can know the energy generated and the flow of energy in the body.

Here is simple way to practice chakras:

1. Sit comfortable in a calm and clean place.

2. Perform breathing exercise by concentrating and taking deep breath in and out.

3. Take your attention to your root chakra (perineum).Envisage on red color and concentrate on root chakra for couple of minutes. This is to create a connection between the body and earth.

4. Go to the next level of sacral chakra (between genitals and navels). Picturize and imagine on orange color and remain for few minutes.Feel yourself bathed in creative juices.

5. Go to the next level of solar plexus chakra, (between navel and chest). Visualize and focus on yellow color and concentrate on the chakra for few minutes.This will create a unique power in your body and mind.

6. Fourth chakra, focus on heart chakra (center part of the chest). Envisage on green color and remain at the chakra for a while. This will create and make you feel love and compassion

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7. Go to the next level of throat chakra, (throat). Visualize the color bright blue. Stay with your throat chakra for a few minutes. Throat chakra will create vibrations in body.

8. Next is the third eye chakra, which is at the center of your forehead. Picturize and imagine on indigo color and remain for few minutes.This will enlarge and expand your vision.

9. Seventh chakra, focus on crown chakra (top of head). Envisage on purple-red (violet) color and remain at the chakra for a while. Crown chakra will create a bond within your spirit.

10. At this moment, let the energy lower from the crown chakra to root chakra. While the energy flows in a body, you will have an aura.

11. Now, let the energy flow from the bottom to the top to the crown chakra.

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