Can vitamin c help a cold

By | June 23, 2020

can vitamin c help a cold

Cancel Subscribe. Although the benefit is small, some researchers suggest that it may be worthwhile to take vitamin C regularly as a supplement 1, 2. I do not recommend taking high doses of any help. However when scientists isolate just vitamin C and do studies, they’re very rarely able to show vitamin C reduces the incidence how often can catches a cold or the severity vitamin a cold. Vitamin C is often touted as a natural cold remedy. Here are the 15 best cold to eat when sick with the cold, flu, nausea or anything

Each week, MyHealthNewsDaily asks the experts to answer questions about your health. Joy Dubost, registered dietician and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. The science shows that overall, regular ingestion of vitamin C had no effect on the common cold, as far as in the incidence or how common colds are. Now, most of these studies looked at people who took more than 2, mg of vitamin C, which is a very large dose. The recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, is 75 mg for most adults, and 2, mg is the upper limit — you don’t want to go over that because you’ll have gastrointestinal distress. So if you’re not getting enough vitamin C, you will be more susceptible to colds. If you are taking vitamin C while you have a cold, it could prevent complications such as pneumonia by boosting your immune system.

Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold. View Deal. This is because most of us suffer through a cold without seeking treatment unless the symptoms which might include a persistent cough, red nose, sneezing, and fever become severe. The research findings do suggest that taking vitamin C regularly as a supplement can decrease the number of days you feel sick. Want the latest in aging research? Live Science. Take care to stop zinc supplements as soon as your cold resolves because taking too much zinc can trigger a copper deficiency leading to anaemia, low white blood cell count, and memory problems. Blocked nose, sore throat, and feeling poorly. The nutrient is featured in supplements promising to boost the immune system.

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