5 Ways To Have Hot Holiday Sex Without Leaving Home

By | December 23, 2018

For those long weekends or vacations when escaping to some tropical destination just ain’t gonna happen, achieve the erotic highs of away-from-home nooky with these seductive tips.

Do The Prep Work

Before jet-setting off on a couple’s retreat, you usually get your hair done, nails painted, and legs waxed – all in the name of feeling irresistible. “For a staycation, you should re-create these get-ready rituals,” says Alison Tyler, coauthor of Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks and Exotic Inspiration for Lovers. “Pamper yourself from the feet up!” This way, you’ll happily welcome an impromptu romp.

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Bring The Beach To You

Trick your senses in familiar territory for an exotic (and freeing) vibe: “Slide into a little bikini, have your man oil you up with scented tropical lotion, put on surfer music and mix frozen margaritas,” says Tyler. Odds are, the altered mood of your space will inspire both of you to act friskier than usual.

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Get A Prime View

As you enter a luxury hotel room, your eyes dart to the soft and inviting bed and the giant mirror positioned opposite (it’s a naughty-ideas igniter for sure). Why not set up something similar in your own room? Make the bed with expert precision and place chocolates on top of your pillows for a touch of indulgence. Then, strategically place a full-length mirror so your guy can catch a glimpse as you start your racy hookup on your fresh bed with “a trip down South,” says Tyler. Afterward, switch positions so you can watch the action in reverse cowgirl.

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Bring On The Bubbles

Draw a bath with a foaming bath soap or oil (jasmine and tuberose scents are sensual); candles lining the tub’s edge; and big, fluffy white towels for two. “Soak together with your guy and take turns massaging each other everywhere,” says Tyler. Don’t have a bath? Step into an especially steamy shower and experiment with new standing-sex positions.

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Sleep In. Have Sex. Repeat.

“One of the best parts about being on vacation is letting go and turning your timetable upside down,” says Tyler. For the same effect, purposely ignore your alarm clock and spend a whole blissful morning ravishing your man.

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