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The Case for Creative Play in a Digital Age

All the excesses of my own childhood are, of course, available on eBay, priced for the vintage market. There are the accessories for the 1960s Thingmaker, from Mattel, with its metal molds to be poured full of plastigoop (I can smell it now) and cooked to a nice soft solid texture on the square little… Read More »

Breakthrough Leukemia Treatment Backfires in a Rare Case

The patient who died had B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia that had relapsed several times after standard treatments, and was being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The university declined to say when he was treated, to protect patient privacy. But the study he joined enrolled patients from August 2011 until September 2016. Once he… Read More »

Case Study: My Experience With Facial

Tips to Use When Looking for the Most Reliable Transgender Facial Surgery Clinic To change your facial features, you can consider a transgender facial surgery. It is vital you seek more information to find the leading transgender facial surgery clinic near you. The clinic you choose should have surgeons with the highest level of qualification… Read More »