Yoga for Weight Loss

By | September 19, 2018

Yoga has become more popular among both men and women. The aim of yoga is to help people in achieving a balanced sense of mind and body. Many have realized that this art helps to prevent sickness. Nowadays, most people choose yoga for weight loss.

Yoga helps to lose weight by increasing your metabolism level and it is commonly known that metabolism plays a vital role in burning of calories. The regular practice of this art helps to lose weight and also preserve your organic structure weight. Just like all other weight loss methods yoga takes time to achieve the desired result.

It involves different breathing techniques, physical poses or positions that motivate the functions of internal organs. These positions generate heat in the body and due to this, metabolism gets boosted up. As the metabolism increases, it helps to burn calories. One hour of yoga helps to burn up to 250 calories and burning calories helps for weight loss.

There are various poses available in yoga, which includes twisting positions, forward and backward bending which helps to perk up your body’s internal organs. Also, these positions strengthen the endocrine system which is responsible for converting food into energy for our body.

It also helps to increase blood circulation in your body and serves to reduce blood pressure. Remember, a healthy circulatory system will help to keep your body more energetic and reduces stress hormones. Proper blood circulation helps to improve oxygen levels in all parts of your body as the blood transports oxygen to all organs of the body.

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In olden days, yogis believe that a person’s energy can be easily transported through breathing. A proper practice of breathing control in yoga helps to transmit energy to the whole body. Exhaling   helps to eliminate anything that we don’t need in our body.

Another advantage of yoga is the toning of muscle tissue. The different poses of yoga help every part of your body towards the improvement of muscles and lean. As you gain leaner muscle you will also improve your prospect of burning off calories even when you are at rest.

Yoga exercise is really an efficient way to lose your weight and boosts your metabolism but you have to be genuine on your expectations because it may take some time to achieve desired result. While combining yoga with a healthy diet plan will burn the extra pounds of fat in your body.

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