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Pharma erupts as Biden administration backs waiver of vaccine patent rights

The Biden administration’s call to waive patent rights for coronavirus vaccines sparked vociferous opposition from drugmakers and pharma industry groups, which quickly claimed the move will discourage future drug research and do little to increase supply.  Activists, who have pressured the administration for months on the issue, argue a waiver is needed to begin removing… Read More »

Purdue Pharma Offers Plan to End Sackler Control and Mounting Lawsuits

The Opioid Crisis McKinsey Settles McKinsey’s Role How Opioids Work Record Deaths One Family’s Story Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Purdue Pharma Offers Plan to End Sackler Control and Mounting Lawsuits The OxyContin maker filed its long-awaited restructuring plan in bankruptcy court. Revenue from the new company… Read More »

With U.S. elections nearing, European pharma giants brace for potential pricing action: analysts

With U.S. presidential and congressional campaigns in full swing, it’s not just Americans anxiously awaiting the results of the upcoming elections. The races could affect European pharma companies in a big way, and now ODDO BHF analysts are laying out potential ramifications for the industry there.  Amid the intense campaigning by both parties, the “usual package of measures” on drug pricing and insurance has surfaced,… Read More »

The Racial Divide Due to COVID-19 Also Applies to Healthcare and Pharma Costs

Into the sixth month of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., it’s clear that COVID-19 has wreaked a greater mortality and morbidity impact on people of color than on white adults. A new Gallup-West Health poll found that the coronavirus also concerns more non-white Americans than whites when it comes to the cost of health… Read More »