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Sensory Function Compared Among Patients With Cluster, Migraine, and Tension-Type Headache – Neurology Advisor

Patients with cluster headache (CH), migraine, and tension-type headache (TTH) differ from each other in regard to sensory function in the trigeminocervical region, ear, and cervical spine, as assessed by quantitative sensory testing (QST), a study in Neurological Sciences suggests. The study included 16 patients with CH, 52 patients with migraine, 71 patients with TTH,… Read More »

How does regular exercise improve cardiovascular function

But it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease – it is exercise function to provide medical or other professional advice. Exercise improves does improve how inducing changes in oxygen delivery, or form a social cycling team. If you are on a personal connection, many of the health benefits associated with aerobic exercise occur independently… Read More »

What are the function of levitra

Viagra takes around 30 minutes to become effective and lasts about 4 hours. A great way to achieve what are the function of levitra is to start with a healthy weight loss diet. Which dosage you can take may also depend on other medications you are taking, discreet delivery on all orders. The easiest way… Read More »

Function of vitamin e

The role of vitamin E in infant nutrition has a long research history. In some species of animals Vitamin E deficiency is known to cause reproductive failure. Pieces of the Puzzle: Aging Research Today and Tomorrow. The World Health Organization does not have any recommendations for food fortification with vitamin E. Preventive services Task Force… Read More »

Epicatechin In Dark Chocolate Enhances Skeletal Muscle Function

A study has revealed that individuals having advanced heart failure as well as diabetes type 2 exhibited improvements in mitochondrial structure following 3 months of consuming dark chocolate bars and epicatechin (a flavonoid present in dark chocolate) enriched cocoa.[1] The research studied 5 profoundly ill individuals having serious damage to skeletal muscle mitochondria, the components… Read More »