Severe Gum Pain: Causes, 14 Home Remedies and Treatment

By | August 18, 2020

Gums provide overall support to a person’s mouth. Healthy gums signify the healthy and hygienic mouth habits of a person. Many people experience gum pain in their course through life. These issues may occur at an early, middle, or even old age for people and have different causes and remedies. One may notice gum pain or discomfort in their jaw when they eat, drinks, or floss’.

It may also be accompanied with sensitivity in the teeth and gums. Gum pain, in some cases, may even hint towards gum infection pain. The problem can result in pain in teeth as well, so a person with this issue can simultaneously experience tooth and gum pain.

Gum Pain

It is often seen that many people have swollen gums which bleeds occasionally. This disease is known as Gingivitis. During gingivitis, the gums swell and they start bleeding. Even when brushing or flossing this blood sometimes comes out on its own. It also happens for a few times that due to injury on the gums or due to pressure on the gums by eating more hot substances and hard things, the gums also become inflamed.

Due to this, your gums become loose and loose due to which tooth loss can occur. If it is not treated in time, then the teeth begin to move.

Once we look at gum pain causes, it’ll be easier to understand why this problem persists. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

The Causes Of Gum Pain


Cuts are a significant reason behind gum pains. A minor cut or abrasion can easily result in pain in the gums. If a person has braces or dentures, it may often happen due to irritation in the gums. This majorly results in gum pain between teeth or tooth gum pain.

Sinus infection

People with sinusitis experience swollen and inflamed tissues and lead to sinus gum pain. Instead of air, sinus infection sometimes has fluid accumulation resulting in painful swollen gums.

Gum infection or disease

Some people experience gum pain due to sensitive and bleeding gums. One can infer that these people are the ones who have gum infection or gum disease. It is paramount to get treatment for this issue, as gum disease may become recurring and problematic for many people.

bump on gums not painful

Abscessed Tooth

The issue of an abscessed tooth is a consequence of an infection in the root of a tooth leading to a pus pocket. This results in swelling of the gums. Some people may face a lot of pain, whereas some have a gum abscess, no pain. The solution to this problem is the root canal, which means to heal the gum pain after filling.

Canker Sores

A person can face canker sores in any area of their mouth. Canker sores in the mouth can be recognized as painful white spots on gums and usually go away in two weeks or less.

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Wisdom Tooth

A common cause of throbbing gum pain among young adults is wisdom tooth gum pain, where a person feels gum pain in the back of the mouth. This exclusive gum pain in back pain of mouth may happen in the teenage years as well. In some cases, there can be a pain in gums and jaw and gum pain behind the last molar, no wisdom teeth.

Hence, there are several causes of gum infection pain and gum pain, causing discomfort to a person. These are the primary causes of this problem. On the good side, there are several severe gum pain relief methods available that help in receding gum pain in patients. These severe gum pain relief remedies are conventional and help to ease out the pain for people facing this problem.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Due to lack of nutrients in our body, people face numerous types of gum problems. It generally causes the gums to start swelling due to which a person has to face a lot of problems.


Mouth infection can also be a cause of inflammation in the gums. Due to this infection, along with swelling in our gums, it also starts to pain.

How To Treat Gum pain?

Gum pain relief is significant since you cannot stay all day and night with that intense pain in your gums or mouth. Several reasons can cause your gums to become sore and painful. Sometimes the common sign of having sore or tender gums is that you brushed your teeth or gums too vigorously. There are other reasons as well that may hurt your gums, i.e., dentures or braces. In women, gums become swollen and painful due to the hormonal changes in their bodies during pregnancy, periods, or menopause.

Home Remedies for Gum Pain

When you experience throbbing gum pain or gum pain between teeth, you should look for how to stop gum pain as early as possible. This is generally because achy gums are not good, and you will also face trouble in chewing or biting your food. With the help of a few home remedies for gum infection pain, you can get rid of pain in gums and jaw quite easily. Try these simple home remedies for gum pain to get treated at home yourself.

home remedies for gum pain

  • Rinse your mouth two to three times a day with salt and warm water.
  • Rinse your mouth using mouthwashes that contain hydrogen peroxide, such as Gly-Oxide.
  • Go for toothbrushes that have soft or extra-soft bristles. Do not ever use a hard brush for your gums since they are responsible for causing soreness to the gums to a great extent. Gum pain between teeth relief is procured with soft toothbrushes. You can easily treat the painful bump on gums with the help of a few doses over the counter.
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To overcome the problem of bleeding gums or gingivitis, first of all, pay special attention to your diet. Apart from this, follow these below mentioned home remedies, by which you can prevent the problem of swelling in the gums and bleeding. However, these treatments have to be used with great care. Let us now know further what methods can be best in home remedies to eliminate gingivitis.

Use saltwater

Heat a glass of water to treat gingivitis. Now add a teaspoon of salt to the lukewarm water and rinse with it. Not only this, but you can also repeat this process even after eating, which can reduce the swelling of your gums to a great extent within a few days. According to scientific research, salt is found to have oral health-protective properties, which can also be used to reduce gingivitis.

Apply Clove Oil

You will find clove oil at the grocery shop. Massage the teeth and gums with this oil to reduce gum pain after filling. You can use it several times a day to get a good effect. This gum pain remedy of clove oil has the property of minimizing the gums’ swelling, and this has also been confirmed. This is why if you massage this oil on your gums, it can act actively to reduce inflammation.

Baking soda

Mix a little bit of turmeric with baking soda and massage your gums with it. After this, rinse with lukewarm water and clean the mouth. This home remedy can be used three to four times a day, even after eating dinner. There is a lot of scientific research on baking soda, according to which the consumption of baking soda actively works for oral health.

Ginger Paste

Cut the ginger into fine pieces and make a paste with the help of a grinder. Now add a teaspoon of salt to it and mix it well. Use this paste on the gums. If used continuously for a week, it will have a positive effect. Because of this, if you use the ginger paste on your gums, you will benefit.

Acacia bark

If you want to avoid swelling in the gums, you should also use acacia bark. With this, swelling of the gums can be eliminated easily. For this, gargle with a decoction of acacia bark. With this, the swelling of your gums starts to decrease.

Castor oil and Camphor

If you mix small amounts of camphor in castor oil and massage the gums every morning and evening, then by doing this, the swelling of the gums starts to reduce.


The use of parsley is also a good option to relieve the problems caused due to gingivitis. For this, fry parsley on a fan, mix 2-3 drops of rye oil in it and rub it on the light gums. By doing this, the gums get relief as well as other diseases of teeth can also be got rid of.

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gum pain remedy

Ginger and Salt

To correct problems related to gums, mix a little salt in some ginger and grind it well. Now slowly mix the gums with this mixture. It will decrease the swelling of the gums.

Lemon juice

Mix lemon juice in fresh water and gargle with this concoction. Use it for a few days, you will witness that swelling of the gums, as well as the bad odor of the mouth begins to disappear.


Onion is a good way to relieve swelling of gums. For this, apply salt mixed with grinded onion on the gums for three times a day. Swelling of the gums will start to disappear and the gums remain healthy.


Using alum is also a good way to relieve swelling of gums. For this, rubbing alum powder on the gums can reduce the swelling of the gums.

severe gum pain relief

However, even after trying such remedies for at least 4-5 days, you have not experienced any results, and your gums still hurt, so look for a few things. See if you have a thin white coating on your cheeks and tongue. If yes, then probably you have developed an infection, which is known as thrush. This is generally a kind of yeast infection, and you should see a dentist if it doesn’t get better by consuming yogurt with live cultures.

When Should You See A Dentist?

Even after trying home remedies for receding gums pain, if you see a painful white spot on gum, then without much delay, you should choose to see a dentist. Or, if you are experiencing gum pain behind last molar no wisdom teeth in the back of the mouth or your gums are hurting for more than a week now, see a dentist at the earliest. It can lead to the loss of your tooth.

tooth and gum pain

  • You can consult a dentist and also take over the counter painkillers that are very effective in easing gum pain. Some OTC painkillers, such as acetaminophen, are very effective in treating and soothing wisdom tooth gum pain.
  • A few gels such as Anbesol can be applied directly to gum boil no pain. They are effective in calming down the pain that you experience in your gums.

Don’t delay much and seek attention for throbbing gum pain in back of mouth. Take good care of your mouth and clean it regularly to stay away from germ and bacteria buildup. Gum pain in back of mouth not wisdom teeth is easily treated by your dentist.

Prevent your gums from developing gum disease and keep it healthy by taking good care of it. You will not lose your teeth if your bump on gums not painful if you brush twice a day and floss once daily. But if you notice painful white spot on gums seek a dentist’s help immediately.

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