Master Cleanse: Facts About the Fast Weight Loss

By | August 28, 2018

The Master Cleanse diet is presents a very distinctive approach to weight loss: eliminate all solid food for exactly ten days, and substitute it with special lemonade that has been spiked with cayenne pepper powder.

Does this sound a little extreme? It isn’t that extreme for the thousands of devoted Master Cleanse practitioners in the United States, and across the continents, because it provides two enormous benefits: detoxification and rapid weight loss.

Countless people are attracted to the Master Cleanse diet because of the speedy weight loss associated with this diet. Is there any truth to it? Fortunately, the answer is yes, and if you are prepared to try it yourself, you are going to take pleasure in the same benefits of the ultimate detox diet.

The Master Cleanse, or the lemonade diet, as it is affectionately known in the world of alternative health, is probably one of the most powerful detox diets of this century, because it has outlasted so many other diets and weight loss programs.

There are no big corporations behind this diet and thus far, people are enthusiastically supporting it simply because it works. What is the undisclosed secret behind the Master Cleanse diet? Why does it help people lose weight?

There is a precise science behind the Master Cleanse diet. It essentially combines three powerful concepts that all collaborate in cutting down a person’s weight. The first idea it employs is having a pure liquid diet. Liquid diets are usually implemented when a person is ailing, or has undergone surgery.

It is employed because it allows the body to fully rest, and the extra energy saved from not having to process solid food is aimed at the recuperation of the whole body. The second conception is natural detoxification. This is completed by giving the body large doses of fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper two dominant super foods that help clean out the body from within.

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The third theory is colon cleansing. One of the core principles of the Master Cleanse is you have to clean your intestines by taking herbal laxative capsules, herbal laxative teas, or by performing the saltwater flush.

The saltwater flush is popular with the more knowledgeable practitioners, because all you will need to execute the flush is one liter of purified water and two teaspoons of salt. The resulting solution cannot be absorbed or digested by the body, and consequently it will be expelled quickly.

Within half an hour or less, your body will expel the saltwater solution. This allows surplus water, toxins and accumulated solid waste to exit the body. This is the actual detoxification procedure; this is the part of the Master Cleanse that literally removes all of the toxins that have accumulated in the body.

People frequently find strange looking feces in their lavatory throughout the first few days. It’s probable that this solid waste has been in their colons for months, or even years. As the body removes waste, it also begins burning off stored fats in the body. When you unite all of the special effects of the Master Cleanse what you get is fast and continuous weight loss in just a third of a month.

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