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By | August 13, 2018

The beauty of sport is reflected by the phrase “Just Do It” in a simple way. This phrase have a great rallying point of the sport from 1988. Numerous lovers of run and athletes are inspired by it. The meaning of the phrase can instead of Nike Swoosh. This phrase inspired numerous people in the past 23 years. Do it with no excuse, limit, query and end.

NIKE Company will explain the meaning of this phrase again in July 2007. The company will announce loads of sport declaration by the theme of Use Sports To. Sport can change a lot, use the sport to defeat yourself and use the sport to dream boldly all of these are the theme of the declarations. In addition, the company will hold a royal sport pageant in August. In order to celebrate it, the company will start many activities, e.g. basketball, tennis, football and so on. Lunar Run is the central activity of run. We also call it Night Run. Lots of cities will start Night Run at the same time, e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and a few other cities. The theme of this activity is enjoy run in the summer night.

Night Run becomes a fashionable way of life gradually. Truly, it is very hard in the hot summer and it is also a big challenge for scores of people. With such high temperature it can challenge the limit of your body and the process of beyond limit. This is just the fun of Lunar Run. The company starts training activities of run in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities from June to August in 2011. These activities not also mean you will use your feet to measure the city but also mean you will prove the limit by your sweat. The activities have scores of innovative elements, for example making friends, parties, music and the celebration. The athletes Liu Xiang, Li Na and the stars Tian Yuan, Zhu Zhu will be invited. At that night these illustrious people will run with you.

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Every city will select a team of run by month training and they will take part in the pageant in Shanghai. The winner will have the chance to take part in the Chicago Marathon or Nike San Francisco Marathon this year. But this will not the end, the run activity will continue to find the fun of run with the runners.

For us, the sport of run is simple and basic. When you want to run you can select a pair of fit shoes to wear. So that you can run as you wish. In China, many children from poverty-stricken area can’t enjoy this simple fun. In order to have more participants, the company will launch an action called Thank Society by Sport. The Night Run activity have another important meaning. These data will convert into many sport shoes. And these shoes will subsidize the children from the poverty-stricken areas. Health And Fitness | Running