How to Make Meadowsweet Tea

By | October 19, 2018

meadowsweet tea

Discover the potential health benefits of drinking meadowsweet tea.

The meadowsweet plant is a tall shrub with green leaves and a white or pink blossom that is often mistaken for a wildflower. Meadowsweet is zone-hardy and is easy to grow in your own backyard. In fact, it may already be growing wild in the fields or your favorite park or nature preserve. Dried meadowsweet and meadowsweet extract have been used for health, wellness, and aromatherapy for hundreds of years. Keep reading to learn more about the potential benefits of drinking meadowsweet tea, along with 5 meadowsweet tea recipes to get you started.

The Potential Benefits of Drinking Meadowsweet Tea

Meadowsweet tea and meadowsweet supplements have been used historically to break fevers, ease pain, and soothe digestive upset. Modern science has now concluded that meadowsweet contains phenolic compounds that may have antipyretic, analgesic, astringent, and anti-rheumatic properties to support a healthy internal response.

In fact, researchers have concluded that “activity of meadowsweet extracts provide support of the traditional use of this plant in the treatment of different inflammatory conditions.” In addition to promoting a positive immune response, meadowsweet contains a small amount of salicylates, which may have a similar effect as that of aspirin.

Meadowsweet Tea & Other Recipes To Try

Basic Meadowsweet Tea

To get started, you’ll need 4 teaspoons of fresh meadowsweet flowers, or 2 teaspoons of dried blooms. Steep the herbs in roughly 250 mL of boiling water and wait 10 minutes for the tea to reach full potency. If the taste of meadowsweet tea isn’t to your liking, transform it into a lemonade using fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. (Source)

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Meadowsweet Tea for Throat Health

To support respiratory health and soothe a scratchy throat, steep basic meadowsweet tea and add cinnamon, lemon, and honey after straining. Meadowsweet tea also blends exceptionally well with chamomile, raspberry leaf, and mint teas depending on your palate. (Source)

Strawberry & Meadowsweet Tea Rice Pudding

Take your meadowsweet tea to the next level by adding it to a fresh, springy rice pudding. When paired with the sweetness of strawberries and the creaminess of milk, meadowsweet creates a delightful dessert which works well with all summer fruits. (Source)

Meadowsweet Sorbet

Transform your meadowsweet tea into a refreshing dessert by first creating a meadowsweet syrup and then freezing it overnight. It won’t freeze solid, but will solidify into a delightful meadowsweet sorbet, the perfect treat for warm summer evenings. (Source)

Meadowsweet Elixir

To combat seasonal health issues and preserve your fresh meadowsweet, try creating a meadowsweet elixir. You’ll need vodka and glycerin for this recipe in addition to 2 cups of meadowsweet flowers. Steep the blossoms in a jar with the vodka and glycerin for 4-6 weeks, regularly checking on it and pressing the flowers into the liquid as needed. (Source)

Check Out These Meadowsweet Products and Supplements

Just because you can’t get your hands on fresh meadowsweet, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the potential benefits it has to offer. The store at Natural Healthy Concepts is well stocked with meadowsweet extracts and supplements to get you started.

For a simple meadowsweet capsule, check out Meadowsweet 250 mg from Solaray. Each dose provides the natural support of the meadowsweet herb, promotes a healthy immune response, and may leave you with healthier-looking, glowing skin.

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Support seasonal wellness and a healthy internal response in your kiddos with Kids Immune Avenger from Herb Pharm. Each alcohol-free drop contains meadowsweet, echinacea, elderberry, hyssop, ginger, horseradish, thyme, and cinnamon to give your kids the support they need to stay healthy and active.

Inflamma Response from Herb Pharm is a blended liquid supplement formulated to support a healthy internal response. Using a unique combination of the meadowsweet herb, turmeric rhizome, chamomile, and licorice root each drop has the potential to bring both balance and immune support.

How do you incorporate meadowsweet tea into your health routine? Tell us about it and leave your questions in the comments section below.

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