How to Boost Your Hiking Strength

By | November 7, 2018

Hiking is one form of exercise that can help your body stay in good shape. It involves walking for long distances, mostly on steep slopes, hills or any other natural environment. We are all used to different gym exercises coupled with the use of supplements like clenbuterol en linge which is good for body building. Hiking can help keep your muscles fit.


Other benefits of this outdoor activity include reduced risk of heart conditions, improved blood circulation and good bone health. Walking long distances especially on a steep slope can be very tiresome. Many get worn out fast and may give up midway. You should work on improving your hiking stamina to enjoy your experience. Here are ways on how you can boost your endurance for such an activity.


One is advised to carry out practice hikes to boost their endurance. You can find some time and take short walks that will see you cover half the distance you intend to meet in your long hikes. Settle for a place that has terrain similar to that of the area you plan to go for your long walk. Practicing in advance will help improve your endurance.

Resting Intervals

You should set aside resting intervals during your hikes. This will help bring about some recovery, and you will get the much-needed energy to carry on. You can relax for about 10 to 15 minutes as your body cools down while you take in some water. The rest you get will help boost your strength, and you will be able to complete your hike.

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Staying hydrated during your hikes is essential. Dehydration will only lead to fast wearing out which minimizes your endurance in the long run. You are advised to carry some water or drinks that will keep you hydrated during your hikes. Hydrating will give you the strength to keep going with your walk.

Deep Breathing

You should also focus on your breathing to maintain your endurance during your hikes. Deep breathing will help you go long distances without using so much of your energy. This breathing technique will help push more oxygen to your muscles, and this will give you the strength or endurance needed to carry on.  It can be very effective when you are climbing a steep slope.

Strength Training

The different strength training exercises will help you become a good hiker. You can try the calf raises, lunges and pushups. Set up a schedule that will see you do them once or even twice a week. Make good use of the gym or any open space in your compound and try out all these exercises that will help improve your endurance during hiking.

Mental Preparedness

Working on the state of your mind can also help give you the strength to carry on with your hike. It’s all in the mind, and therefore you should always be prepared mentally to cover the distance you intend without getting worn out. Training your mind will keep you comfortable in such situations, and this will give you the strength to carry on with your hike.

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