Griffin Gluck Delivered the Most Competitive ‘Expensive Taste Test’ We’ve Ever Seen

By | March 19, 2020

Listen, if we weren’t Griffin Gluck fans before (I mean, how couldn’t you be?), we definitely are now. Because he came fully in it to win it when it comes to our bullsh*t, which scored him one billion points with us. Watch him prove it on our simple, little bougie game show we like to call Expensive Taste Test. Right off the jump, we’ll be the first ones to admit that slaying ETT is not easy, but Griffin took it upon himself to turn it into a goddamn challenge. He saw Gaten Matarazzo’s video and decided that his personal goal would be to beat Gaten. Did he do it? Well. Maybe.

We started the Locke and Key star off with water. Yep, you read that right: water. We’re def not here to make it easy for these guys.

Moving on from the water, it’s important to know that Griffin did *not* leave hungry. We gave him some chocolate, candy lips, gum, pink lemonade, and, uh basically everything you’d ever want as a child in a candy store (or a grown-up on a Cosmo set). Low-key, we’re still not sure if he was here for a video or for some lunch…

Also, we made him do some painting. MHMMM. He made one caterpillar and one…uh, well, we’re not pretending to be prudes here but why don’t you watch the video and see for yourself. Or, just watch American Vandal on Netflix.

But again, we’re not going to spoil it all for you. Except we’ll definitely spoil the part where Griffin compare himself to Tyra Banks and professes his undying love for Ghirardelli. A boy after my own heart.

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And one more QQ before we send you off: Can you keep a count of how many dogs he actually has? We’ve watched it and, TBH, we’re still confused.

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