Blake Shelton Drank the Most Ridiculously Oversized Beer at the ACM Awards

By | April 8, 2019
54th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Roaming Show

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Sunday night was country music’s biggest event of the year. The ACM Awards were held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and true to form, Blake Shelton came to party. During Reba McEntire’s opening monologue, Blake, a former ACM co-host, stood up to ask her if she needed any help onstage.

“You used to need me to help do this, and god knows Luke [Bryan] did,” Blake joked. When Reba turned him down—she’s hosted 16 times, BTW—Blake pulled out a MASSIVE beer, as one does at an awards show in Vegas.

“I’ll be good, I’m just gonna be back here,” Blake said while sipping the three-foot-tall-ish beer. If you want to get technical, it looks like a yard of ale, which typically has 2 1/2 imperial pints of beer inside…just about 50 fluid ounces of beer, for anyone interested. Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani sat next to him looking prettyyy unfazed.


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No word on whether you can actually buy said beer at MGM’s theater, but it is Vegas, so we wouldn’t be surprised. With any luck, you’ll see them at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Nashville venue soon, as requested by a fan.

Meanwhile, say a quick prayer for Blake’s head this morning. Before the show, he posted a photo to Twitter with another kind of alcohol in hand: his personal vodka. Blake announced his involvement with Smithworks Vodka back in 2016, but apparently has yet to take it on the road. You can find the Arkansas-bottled liquor on Drizly.

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